What are the "Best Family Christmas Games"?

by Matching Outfits on October 05, 2020

Christmas is around the corner and we all know what it means, smiles, nice food, and laughs. It's a wonderful moment during the year and should be celebrated with all the people you care about. Make it more magical this year by adding Fun Family Christmas games to your encounters.

We made a perfect list of easy to do games that will make your holiday's the best holiday ever. Bring your coworkers, friends, and family together this season and begin a tradition of playing awesome games during Christmas time. Remember to have fun, have fun, and have great fun celebrating Xmas this December.

A Christmas Game to celebrate

Christmas celebration

Having prepared your house, your food, and everything else to bring your family together is a big task. To entertain your guest and the young ones use some Fun Family Christmas Games and make it a holiday tradition. We've gartered a couple of fun winter distractions for you and your guest to enjoy. 

1. Christmas musical chair

Let's start the party with a nice festive game that everyone enjoys. Musical chairs are awesome since you only need chairs and a bit of music. It's perfect for kids and adults. Take the numbers of players and make a circle with the chairs.

boy Christmas family game

There needs to be one chair less than the numbers of players. Have a play master start a sing-along Christmas carol and begin walking around the circle singing. Has soon as the music stops, find a seat. The last person standing is disqualified.

Take out a chair and continue the game until the winner is known. Prepare a little treat for the musical chair master to recognize him or her. Christmas musical chair is an easy way to get the party started and to have great fun.

2. Blind wrapping 2 by 2

Blind wrapping is an awesome game. It makes you use your sense differently and is sure to keep your guest, family, and friends entertained for a while. First, get everything you need to wrap up some presents and put them on a table where two people can sit in front of each other.

Christmas lights

In a box in the room next to where the game is played put different size ornaments or Christmas-themed miscellaneous objects to wrap up. Make teams of two where both players are gonna be blindfolded. ask one of the blind players to get to the box and take an object to bring back to the table.

Make them wrap up they object for two minutes and the team that has the best wrapping job wins. Bonus if they can recognize the object. 

3. Christmas hunt

Let's make an easy party game and a Christmas tradition this season with a Christmas hunt, hide holiday decorations around the house with funny Christmas charades. Divide your guest into two teams and make them start at a different location in the house.

Christmas dinner

Hide snowman, elves, and Santa clauses in easy and not so easy part of the house. Attach riddles, and charade to every object for the teams to find an answer to. Put some points for all the good answers and points for the team that finishes first.

You can even make them go outside to get some fresh air as you make the final touches on your diner or prepare the next game.

4. Christmas alphabets

Take out papers and pens and use your mind to figure out a word for every letter in the alphabet that has a Christmas link to it. Give out some points to the most unique finding and the player that checks out the most amount of letters. Exchange your answers and try to finish the alphabet.

Christmas family game

Bonus points if you can make a nice Christmas party song with all the words. Use things, songs, jingles, Christmas decorations in this Fun Family Christmas Game. It makes you think and can help the children to learn new words. How awesome and lovely is that.

5. Stack a Christmas gift

Divide the participant into two teams near the Christmas tree. Get some oddly formed objects like a reindeer, a gingerbread, a Grinch puppet, elf, and other yuletide themed objects. Ask the two teams to stack up those odd objects on over the other in a definite amount of time.

Christmas fun family

Two minutes should be enough. The team that can make the highest tower of Christmas fun wins a north pole cookie aka a nice popsicle. It's an easy game that can become really challenging. You can even add some fun Christmas carols celebration while the mountains are going up. It's for everybody, have fun this Christmas eve.

6. Hanging candy cane

Another awesome and easy game for everyone is the hanging candy cane. Set up a rope between two walls or chairs. make a line at a certain distance from that hanging rope. Get 10 delicious Christmas candy canes. One after the other tries to get as much candy cane on the rope.

Christmas tree

Set up different ropes at different height and distance and establish a pointing system. The harder the shot the more points you get. Cheer up your festivities and holiday spirit with this unique game that is sure to keep everyone on their toes. Give the winner a hot chocolate, a special Christmas card, or the privilege of opening the first Christmas gift.

7. Christmas tree person

This game should become a Christmas tradition, split into two teams, and chose a person in the said team to become a Christmas tree. Get the two teams into different rooms and start decorating your human tree.

family Christmas dinner

Use tape, tree lighting, odd objects, and everything that represents the nativity scene, Christmas songs, and the best time of the year before making a parade to the host of your Christmas dinner.

Give out extra points and treats for the most decorated human tree, the creativity of the Christmas trees and, how it represents the holiday season. It's an easy way to entertain your guest and you are sure to be unique.

8. Christmas drawing

This Familly Game is to calm everybody after dinner. Take pieces of paper and create a winter wonderland. Let all the guest use their imagination to portray their Christmas holiday. Everyone has a different view of Christmas traditions.

Christmas decoration

Some will draw a couple of Christmas markets with carolers, ice skating on a frozen lake ice rink. Some will have fireworks on the holiest night of the year. Give out points to the younger ones and keep those drawing after the fact.

You will be glad to have a drawing for every year has your child grows older. Have fun and celebrate Christmas with some nice Christmas spirit drawings.

9. Decorate your cookies

For Christmas this year try to add some cooking experiences with your guest. get small delicious cookies made for everyone to personalize their dessert. You can even make a team to create the most unique cookie for Santa Claus. Have fun by getting your guest to invest themselves in there food.

Christmas cookies

It brings you together at Christmas and can be small gifts when you play other games. Use it has a small money exchange during the night and have fun with the younger ones. Make it a "Merry Christmas" with personalized cookies that everyone will enjoy decorating, molding and, sharing this Christmas season.

10. Steal a gift

This is one of the best Christmas games ever. Find an object you are not using at home that could be used by someone else. Wrap it up and bring it to your Christmas party. Put your present under the tree or in one of the stockings and write your name on a piece of paper.

Christmas present

Gather everyone's paper, fold them, and hide them inside a hat or bowl. Make someone take out a name. This person can either open a new gift or steal a gift from somebody else. A present can only be stolen two times before it stays with its new owner. It's a fun way to get rid of objects that are collecting dust at home and that someone could benefit. Those are free Christmas gifts basically. It's a nice way to share, have fun, and get a little competition going. 

11. 2 Christmas truths and a lie

This game doesn't require anything but a detective sense. Make a circle with the older folks and write down two truths and one lie about some Christmas stories or anecdotes you have. Tell your story to all the players. Answer their question while they try to figure out the lie.

 Christmas family party

Dim the lights to have a more spooky feel to the holiday cheers. If you win, you can have extra Christmas cookies or have a special crown for dinner. It's a nice way to make everyone participate and share awesome stories.

It helps the older one tell their oldtimers story and maybe he'll even have pictures. It's a great way to share knowledge and life-changing experience with everyone. The more you know, the better.

12. The after dinner hide and seek

After eating a nice meal, it's a good idea to get out and walk outside in the holiest nights of the year. Grab your family and use this time for caroling and play dark hide and seek. Get someone to disguise himself has Santa Claus and make the kids try to find him.

Christmas socks

They can find him but will never catch him. It's a good way for you to get ready to put all the present near the tree, to quick off that tiredness and to have fun outside in the silence of the night. It should be a Christmastime tradition and a nice way to have fun with your loved ones.

13. Imitate Christmas things

A nice game that use's your creativity for the fun of everyone. Make a list of Christmas objects or persons that you which to see being imitated. Choose randomly a player and give him what he is supposed to imitate. Like a mime, the players cannot talk or use noise.

Christmas family party

The rest of the players need to figure out what the player is miming. It's an easy game and will create lots of laughs. Make solo imitation or duo to make it more exciting. It's an easy distraction since everyone already played a version of it and is so easy to prepare. Have fun imitating Rudolph pulling a sleigh, candles burning, or a nutcracker.

14. Traditional Christmas solstice quizz

Let's use your knowledge about Christmas. Ask your guest to write on Christmas cards 3 questions each. One easy, one medium, and one harder question. Add all of the inquiries inside 3 different bowls that represent every difficulty and let everyone take one of each.

Christmas Carrols

The harder questioned answered are worth 3 points, medium 2 points, and easy 1 points. A good easy question would be naming a reindeer, a medium would be how many reindeers are they on Santa Claus sleight (It's 8) and a hard one would be to name all the reindeer.

Figure out new things about the holiday season, holiday stories, and get your questions ready on Christmas day.

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas is the best time of year. Celebrations and thanksgiving, hugs and smiles, and general well being are exchanged. It's so nice. During that special night have Fun Family Christmas Games to entertain yourself, the younger ones, and all the people dear to you. Get a nice Christmas story to tell for the kids and make your dinner awesome with one of our games.

Remember to put funny matching Christmas suit to make it even more special. This year make it different for your family by starting game traditions and pushing the boundaries of fun and knowledge. Have some awesome Christmas celebrations, Christmas lights, and an awesome Christmas morning with your family.

Christmas is about gift giving love, attention, smiles, and preparing yourself for new year's eve which is just a week away. Get some nice matching outfit to match your loved ones and your holidays spirits. Take some precious time with your family and merry Christmas.


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