TOP 10 of the Best Family Halloween Costumes for 2020

by Matching Outfits on September 19, 2020

Maybe it's not the first time you dressed up with a disguise at a masquerade costume party. But did you have the idea to go to this party in the same way all the family? Matching Outfits presents you a wide range of original costume ideas for the whole family at a fancy dress party.

The more we are numerous, the more we have fun! This is true also and especially in case of a disguised party. If you are soon going to participate in a costume event with your friends or relatives and you are looking for an original and surprising group disguise idea, then we have good news for you: we will give you 10 Best Family Halloween Costumes for 2020.

Why is it so fun to disguise as a group?

Let's be honest, it's not easy to find the perfect costume when you're alone, so imagine the difficulty when you have to disguise yourself as a group! So what are you waiting for? Pick one of our ideas and let us know in the comment section below which is your favorite one.

1. Show off your Family Love

You have a beautiful, happy and lovely family? They are everything to you and you would do anything for them?

If while looking at your family you have always thought "but what clowns those!" then no doubt we will find a clown family disguise that suits you! Coordinating costumes is not only the fact to wear the same clothes as other members of your family. It is way more than that !

Matching Couples Merch

In fact, it shows to everyone how strong your relation is. However, isn't it the best way to create unforgettable souvenirs? And if since childhood with your siblings and you always imagined yourself to be great ninjas who restore order come group, Ninja Turtle's costume or Power Rangers' one would be perfect for your clan.

The children are overjoyed at the idea of the upcoming Halloween party? They are preparing their costumes and dreaming about the mountain of candy they will collect? Is Halloween a family event at your house? Are you looking for the perfect costume for a child, baby or adult? Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and stay tuned on our Blog, we release new post every week!

2. How did we found the original idea?

Here we have started a really fun tradition: dressing up as a family! We started last year with our first family theme. No need to tell you that we were all the rage! Especially dad, who attracted all the little ones with his costume. "Look Mommy, it's Shrek! "In fact, the idea came from a family of friends whose Halloween costume unveiling became a real "happening".

Kids with Halloween costume

Because I wanted to inspire you and because I'm sure that many will fall in love with these costume ideas as a family. Can you guess which one we have chosen for this year? To help you organize and store for costumes with your family, here is my advice:


  • Make an inventory of the costumes available at home. Some of them can be used by a younger person the following year;
  • Choose a theme according to your desires and the costumes at your disposal;
  • Plan a budget;
  • For missing costumes, see if there is a possibility to try some DIY with your kids or siblings.

If, like me, you have more or less the time or talent to create a costume from scratch, you may still have 1 or 2 costumes to buy to complete your theme. If you browse through the themes below, you will find that many costumes are very affordable. With all these themes to the taste of young and old, you will undoubtedly make sensation!

The "Do It Yourself" 2020's trend

Halloween is one of those holidays that allow us to let our imagination run wild.
The Halloween party is fast approaching and with it the opportunity to show off all your creative talents. Between ghost, shaped cakes, home decoration, DIY costumes for children sewn by your ten fingers, Halloween asks us to be on all fronts of DIY.

1. DIY ideas for Halloween

Less widespread in Europe or Asia than in North America, Halloween remains nevertheless one of the children's favorite holidays. The prospect of all-you-can-eat candy and scary Halloween DIY disguises has a lot to do with it. But for parents, Halloween is also an opportunity to enjoy a festive weekend with the family and get their creativity going.

Skeleton Costume Halloween Party

The program for the last day of October includes: sweets galore, our interior transformed into a haunted house and, of course, DIY costumes. Whether it's for their costumes inspired by the Addams family, the Simpsons, Family Guys, Aladdin or Batman, we have dozen of ideas to fuel your imagination for your next family Halloween costume.

TOP 10 : Best Family Halloween Costumes for 2020

With the arrival of the Halloween party, the parade of a whole range of monsters begins. Many parents can't wait to share the excitement of the horror fest with the smallest member of the family who also deserves his or her original Halloween costume.

Gifted do-it-yourselfers start creating custom Halloween costumes for the whole family to dress up as creatures, movie characters, animals, etc.

 1. Family Wolf

In order to make the smallest family member part of the Halloween party, parents rely on themed Halloween costumes to make the whole family dress the same. And it's the baby carrier that helps them!

wolf costume Halloween family

An essential accessory, this sling bag is used to allow parents to watch over the baby while respecting his morphology. And it turns out that the baby carrier can be transformed into part of the Halloween costume to offer the baby the opportunity to participate in the celebrations.

2. Hogwarts Mood

Harry Potter Family Halloween Costume

Harry Potter is among the most beloved characters of children and parents. That's why the themed Halloween costumes for the whole family, inspired by the magic movie, are a great idea. Parents can dress up as a wizard and a witch and the baby - a pair of decorative glasses and a fake scar on his forehead - will turn him into a little Harry Potter.

3. Star Wars, classic and cool !

Family 31st of october costume

If you are a fan of the galactic saga Star Wars, perhaps you will find our idea of Halloween costumes for the whole family, inspired by its characters, interesting. What do you think of a cute little Yoda, that his father wears on his back? It's hard to resist this cute thing, isn't it?

4. A small step for a man a giant leap for Halloween

Best Family halloween costume nasa space astronaut

If you are looking for original ideas for Halloween costumes for the whole family, we highly recommend the following theme! Space travel is highly appreciated by young and old alike and this idea is ideal as a themed Halloween costume. The baby carrier, as you can see above, has been transformed into a beautiful rocket and the baby - into a little astronaut.

5. Fan of Cuisine?

Chef cuisine Halloween costume for family

If you're a food lover, you could try this great idea of super original Halloween costumes for the whole family. Get a chef's hat and apron. Dress your baby up as a little lobster and put him or her in a baby carrier or a large container wrapped in foil. A pair of decorative moustaches will complete your chef look!

6. Beauty and The Beast

Prince Princess beauty and the beast Halloween costume for 2020

Let yourself be inspired by this wonderful idea of Halloween costumes on the theme "royal family"! The beautiful queen holds the hand of her little princess and her cute little prince sleeps on her chest. An elegant and very original Halloween costume idea for the whole family!

7. The Incredibles : Superhero

Superhero Costume Halloween Family

Superhero costumes are among the favorite choice of many fathers and their grandsons. Such is the case shown in the photo above! The young father is wearing a Mr. Indestructible Halloween costume, while his baby son is dressed as a Jack-Jack.

8. For Disney Lover

Best Disney Halloween Costume

Disney characters inspire children and adults alike and it's no surprise that they are among the most beloved Halloween costumes. What is your children's favorite Disney movie? If your kids like the story of The Little Mermaid, you can surprise them with themed Halloween costumes, inspired by the characters of Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder etc.

9. Ridiculously cute: Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh Halloween Costume Family 2020

Who doesn't know the characters of Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger? Be inspired by the Halloween costumes above and dress up in an original way to impress all your neighbors.

10. Mexican Vibe

Best Family Halloween Costume Mexican 2020

This year, you can try a new look and dress up as a female skeleton La Calavera Garbancera - a popular character in Mexican culture.

"Trick or treat! "is the slogan of this hunt which is meant to be fun and placed under the sign of greed. And yes, another pretext to taste all kinds of sweet things! It would be a shame not to take part in the party, wouldn't it?


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