200+ Best Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas for 2020

by Matching Outfits on August 19, 2020

Matching Couple Tattoos: the ultimate, permanent way to spread your love around with some ink over your skin. Today, let’s explore among the best tattoos seen online, from our community and famous tattoo artists.

Here's a summary of what you are about to read, let's make it even easier for you. Every part of this blog article comes with few tattoo ideas related to the topic, make sure to read it all !

    6 Couple Tattoo Ideas


    The Art of Matching Tattoos

    We are going to cover a few important elements about the Matching Couple Tattoos.  Here are over 200 ideas if you are planning to get inked with your beloved one.

    Here's the most frequently asked questions about getting a tattoo for the couples, directly answered by a well-known tattoo artist from our community, that you can contact directly by DMing us on Instagram !

    Matching Couples T-Shirt


    🥰 What are the matching couple tattoos?

    These are identical tattoos or of the same theme that couples do to express their attachment to each other. This may be for example a heart on each ankle (perfectly identical), or even a padlock and a key (in the same theme).


    🤔 Why do couples get matching tattoos?

    Couples make matching tattoos to express their attachment that will last for life. It is for many the meaning of an eternal love, because an ink tattoo is very long and complicated to be erased.


    👍 Should couples get matching tattoos?

    It is a very complicated choice for many couples. For people used to wearing tattoos, it will be less of a hassle, but there are hundreds of other ways to express attachment and love in a relationship.


    📌 How to find the cutest couple matching tattoos?

    Many tattoo artists will find the creativity that matches your relationship. However, you can also find many websites that will bring together hundreds of ideas to inspire you in your quest for the perfect tattoo.


    ✒️ Where the matching couple tattoos should be inked? 

    There are many choices: hands, fingers, ankles, arms, legs, torso, ... If you are a discreet person, choose a location that can be easily hidden. For people who prefer it to be clearly visible, the hand and fingers are very popular.

    Tattoo Artist Black Ink

    What is the Signification behind Matching Couple Tattoos ?

    Matching couple tattoos are for many a way to represent the love they have for each other forever. As you probably already know, the ink that will be deposited on your skin is for life: unless you perform a long and expensive erasing operation, it will be impossible to get rid of it.

    This is why many couples who love each other, and who wish to show it to the public, will ink themselves with a design that will remain forever on each other's skin to let their attachment to this relationship be known.

    Couple Getting Tattoo

    But like many tattoos, it is often said that we find our own meaning in them: a star, a heart, the infinite sign or birds can mean very different things from one person to another.


    Types of Tattoos for Couples

    There are many different types of tattoos. We can find letters, drawings, objects, shapes, it is often decided according to your daily style, your origins or your passions. Nothing better than to have a tattoo that also corresponds to us through our personality!

    However, there are some matching couple tattoos more common than others, because they are very specific to a relationship and do not concern only one, but two people.


    1. Sailor Tattoo 

    The sea tattoo reminds one of the seas, boat adventures, but also an element that shows one belongs to a fishing family for example. Several couples will tattoo an anchor or a rudder on their arm for example, to show their attachment to the marine world and the abyss. We're showing you some ideas for sea tattoos right below:

    Sailor Couple Tattoo Ideas

    2. Heart Tattoo

    A pretty heart that says a lot! The meaning of a heart tattoo can change from one person to another, but it's mostly based on its shape, or even color. Indeed, a complete heart represents love, but a broken heart, a rupture.

    Exception to the rule, if the heart is separated in two, but on two different people (be it tattoos, clothes, or jewels), it is often so that once the two lovers are reunited, the parts are reunited: love is non-existent if one is not with the other! 

    Heart Couple Tattoo Ideas

    3. Crown Tattoo

    The king, the queen, or the prince and the princess. In both cases, it makes no difference, both will be inseparable, to the point of making a tattoo. No need to be from a royal family or be a wealthy person. Wear your crown tattoo with pride.

    You can see colored ones through diamonds or precious stones, but black ink tattoo is still the most common for most couples who want a crown tattoo.

    Crown Couple Tattoos Ideas

    4. Cards Tattoo

    Step out of the way to see matching cards tattoo ready to bring the players to your table. Show to everyone around which number beats the odds out of the 54 in the box.

    You can pick a personal number for each other, that represents a specific event in your relationship, but certain people will orient themselves with the king and the queen, the jokers or the aces of spades or heart: you are both the number 1 !

    Cards Couple Tattoo Ideas

    5. Key and Lock Tattoo

    A tiny and cute reference to the expressions “my heart is locked by her” or “the key to his heat”, many people love  Matching Couple Tattoo. The specificity of these ones, is how much you can have fun with the design and the colours. Make sure to share yours if you have one, it is our favorite !

    Key and Lock Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas

    6. Puzzle Tattoo

    It is never complete without all the puzzle pieces together That's the same for relationships. The Matching Puzzle Tattoos are part of the most popular ones among the couples for one big reason: you and your beloved one fit perfectly together, like the pieces of a puzzle.

    Puzzle Couple Tattoo Ideas 

    The best Emplacements for Tattoos

    You should always make sure of 3 important things when you make some Matching Tattoos: first, Do you want it to be visible to others? In some fields of work, it can be an issue.

    Second, the location can be a problem for later, as some parts of the body are expected to be changing dimension with time or the activities you do, such as sports or certain jobs. Arms and belly can make your tattoo distorted has time pass, but if you wish to go for a safe location, aimfor the shoulders, forearms or legs. 

    You can also combine the area where you have your wonderful tattoos your clothing ! Many people like to get short-sleeves Matching Couple T-Shirts to show their attachment by exhibiting the tattoo with the same design.

    Last but not least, some areas of the body might be painful after a long tattooing session.  The abdominals, neck and head will be the most painful, the back and the arms will be the lesser.

    1. Fingers Tattoo

    They are tiny, cute and inexpensive to do, it might be the best for you to get your matching couple tattoos ! If we exclude that it might be painful for a short period of time (a finger tattoo shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes), it is a good way to have it visible, but not too much: make sure to pick one you love with some colors and design.

    Finger Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas

    2. Hand Tattoo

    Usually done around the thumb area, many people like matching couple crown tattoos, with some minimalist details. They are more visible, and it can be a different way to show your love out of your wedding ring. What ? You don’t have any ? Speed up, and at least get a couple of tattoos to wait before it gets official.

    Hand Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

    3. Arm Tattoo 

    Let’s keep getting in bigger parts of the body, with some matching couple arm tattoos. These are definitely the most common ones among the lovers and there are many reasons for it: cool, visible, not too expensive, and limited amount of pain. The area is big enough to have fun around the design, the young and best artists will have a pleasure to draw it before the definitive inking.

    Here’s a few examples, make sure to tell us which one you will pick, and tag us on Instagram with it ! 

    Arm Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

    4. Leg Tattoo

    Many people prefer to keep it hidden from the others. The leg is perfect for that ! You may want to keep your matching couple leg tattoos at the top part of your legs, as it will be covered almost all the time. If you want it to be more visible, you can pick one to be on your foreleg, but careful: the front will be painful to make, the back won’t, think twice.

    Leg Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

    5. Feet Tattoo

    Kind of similar as the fingers, the matching feet tattoos is inexpensive ! It will be hidden most of the time, which makes it the favorite pick for most of the beloved ones. The only inconvenient is the tiny area to work over the design, you will have to pick something quite tiny to fit perfectly on the location. 

    Feet Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

    6. Body Tattoo

    We kept the best for last with matching body tattoo with your girl or boy (or wife and husband !). It allows you a bigger area to work on more detailed designs, with large choice to pick among the numerous possibilities of styles ! Most of the people will go for a back tattoo or the middle of the torso: close to the heart, close to your relationship.

    Here’s a few ideas, feel free to tell us your favorite(s) down below in the comments.

    Body Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

    What to Prepare for my tattoos (design, budget, cleaning,...) 

    Making some matching couple tattoos is not simply drawing some ideas, showing it to the local tattoo shop and pay: you will have to make sure to pick the right tattoo artist, prepare a certain budget, and think about how you will keep it in place and fully coloured by the time.

    1. Pick a Tattoo Design

    You have basically two solutions to work on your matching couple tattoo design and both of it are, fortunately, a very good one for your couple. First option, lucky you, you, or one of your friends/family, know how to draw beautiful pieces of art, and you can design your own tattoo !

    Tattoo Artist Designing

    Only make sure to work on the dimensions, your body is not always a flat area. Fortunately for you, the artist you will come by to make your tattoo can adapt your design to the area of your body your are willing to get inked.

    Second option, you can directly ask the artist to draw it for you. Most of the time, they will charge this service, and it can vary a lot depending on the artist and its notoriety: make sure to pick one that have a lot of great ideas, directly from its portfolio or social media.

    2. Prepare a Tattoo Budget

    The tattoo budget will depend mostly on three things, following what you need. The location of the tattoo, which can be more difficult to make such as around the arm or leg, two areas that are hard for the artist to keep straight and have it perfectly aligned.

    Budget for a Tattoo

    Second, size matters, a bigger tattoo, needs more ink, more time and more work ! The artist will have to rethink twice every elements of your design, use the best ink for your skin, and spend from 30 minutes to dozen of hours to ink it on your body. 

    Third, the colored tattoos are usually more expensive, as the colored ink is more expensive than the classic black one. Not to mention it will be a bit more painful to make, you will also have to think about which areas you want colored or not which can impact the price of it a lot.

    We’d like to talk about an extra element about the budget you should prepare for your matching couple tattoos: the artist and its location. Certain artists are very well known among the tattoo scene, and their cost for the prestation can be duplicated because of their notoriety.

    Tattoo Artist

    One solution to fix that: you will find some very nice designers in Asia, that are also very cheap due to the cost of living there. Maybe you can think about getting tattooed abroad, on holidays, to make it even more… magic ?

    3. Clean your Tattoo

    After your tattoos are done, make sure to prepare some plastic to roll around your tattoo, or stick on the body part you are inked on. Both of you, shouldn’t shower your matching couple tattoo the day after it was done, and keep this plastic wrap on it.

    The ink is still getting a bit rejected by the skin, you may damage your clothes, and it may lose a bit of its details if it is under water.

    Tattoo Preparation

    Second, prepare some lubricant to apply on your tattoos 2 to 5 times a day. You can do it when you wake up, after lunch, and before sleep: the more you do, the better!

    You will have to keep this routine for 1 to 3 month, and all of it, without exposing it too much to the sun.

    Matching Couples Underwear


    More Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas

    Well, now you know everything needed to get your favorite matching couple tattoos with your boyfriend, girlfriend, and even husband or spouse !

    Here is a few more ideas down under to perfect your choice and inspiration but make sure about one thing: comment, share, and tell us your favorite ones, we will share it on our social medias if you wish to !


    Heart Minimalist Matching Couple Tattoo Heart Arm Matching Couple TattooMatching Couple T-Shirts Cardiac Matching Couple Tattoo Sun Moon Matching Couple Tattoo Moon Sun Matching Couple Tattoo Music Matching Couple Tattoo Space Matching Couple Tattoo Date Italic  Matching Couple Tattoo Roman Letters Matching Couple Tattoo Sewing Matching Couple Tattoo Swan Matching Couple Tattoo Promise Matching Couple Tattoo Birds Matching Couple Tattoo Tetris Matching Couple Tattoo Half Heart Matching Couple Tattoo Italic Matching Couple Tattoo Calavera Matching Couple Tattoo Papercraft Matching Couple Tattoo Matching Couple Hoodies Skull Matching Couple Tattoo Men Women Skull Matching Couple Tattoo Crown Matching Couple Tattoo Finger Letters Matching Couple Tattoo Louis Vuitton Matching Couple Tattoo Pissenlit Matching Couple Tattoo Single Letter Matching Couple Tattoo Minimalist Matching Couple Tattoo King Queen Matching Couple Tattoo Snoopy Matching Couple Tattoo Love Matching Couple Tattoo Arabic Matching Couple Tattoo Love Infinity Matching Couple Tattoo Key Lock Matching Couple Tattoo Double Trouble Matching Couple Tattoo Bonnie Clyde Matching Couple Tattoo Bracelet Matching Couple Tattoo Trust Matching Couple Tattoo
    True Love Matching Couple Tattoo Love you Matching Couple Tattoo Simple Heart Matching Couple Tattoo Numbers Matching Couple Tattoo Solar Matching Couple Tattoos Love Wins Matching Couple Tattoo Pandora Matching Couple Tattoo Floral Heart Matching Couple Tattoo Pizza Matching Couple Tattoo I promise Matching Couple Tattoo Clock Matching Couple Tattoo Owl Tree Matching Couple Tattoo Yin Yang Matching Couple Tattoo Ring Matching Couple Tattoo Lock and Key Matching Couple Tattoo Rose Matching Couple Tattoo Bow Arrow Matching Couple Tattoo Text Matching Couple Tattoo Infinite Heart Matching Couple Tattoo Position Matching Couple Tattoo Minimalist lock Matching Couple Tattoo Mushroom Matching Couple Tattoo Barcode Matching Couple Tattoo I love her Matching Couple Tattoo Flower Heart Matching Couple Tattoo Ring Number Matching Couple Tattoo Arrow Matching Couple Tattoo Pacman Matching Couple Tattoo Disney Matching Couple Tattoo Fingerstyle Matching Couple Tattoo Heart print Matching Couple Tattoo Astrology Matching Couple Tattoo Love is all Matching Couple Tattoo One Two Matching Couple Tattoo Half italic heart Matching Couple Tattoo Plane Matching Couple Tattoo
    Signal heart Matching Couple Tattoo Peter pan Matching Couple Tattoo Cross Matching Couple Tattoo Arabic letters Matching Couple Tattoo Everybody Matching Couple Tattoo Cardinal Matching Couple Tattoo I love you more Matching Couple Tattoo Coffee Matching Couple Tattoo Cardiology Matching Couple Tattoo Single fingers Matching Couple Tattoo Name Matching Couple Tattoo Double Heart Matching Couple Tattoo Split key and lock Matching Couple Tattoo D letter Matching Couple Tattoo Particles Matching Couple Tattoo Graph Matching Couple Tattoo Mr Mrs Matching Couple Tattoo All we need Matching Couple Tattoo Romanian Numbers Matching Couple Tattoo Mickey Minnie Matching Couple Tattoo Lion Matching Couple Tattoo Love her Matching Couple Tattoo Bracelet cardiology Matching Couple Tattoo Skeleton Matching Couple Tattoo Chess Matching Couple Tattoo Arrow Heart Matching Couple Tattoo Cards Signs Matching Couple Tattoo Shell Matching Couple Tattoo Always Matching Couple Tattoo Matching Couple Underwear White always Matching Couple Tattoo Cardiology Graph Matching Couple Tattoo Married Skeletons Matching Couple Tattoo Infinity Beyond Matching Couple Tattoos Zelda Matching Couple Tattoo Per sempre cardio Matching Couple Tattoo Infinite love Matching Couple Tattoo
    Infinity Matching Couple Tattoo Still into you Matching Couple Tattoo Heart graph Matching Couple Tattoo Love for ever Matching Couple Tattoo Pinky promise Matching Couple Tattoo Black rose Matching Couple Tattoo Minimal love Matching Couple Tattoo Morse Matching Couple Tattoo Love Respect Matching Couple Tattoo Musical Note Matching Couple Tattoo Egyptian Matching Couple Tattoo Puzzle flower Matching Couple Tattoo Skeleton Skull Matching Couples Tattoos Kissing Mickey Matching Couples Tattoos Light Sabers Matching Couples Tattoos Finger Promise Matching Couples Tattoos Xoxo Matching Couples Tattoos Mini sun and moon Matching Couples Tattoos Cardiologist Matching Couples Tattoos Split arrow Matching Couples Tattoos Communicating Matching Couples Tattoos Finger Disney Matching Couples Tattoos Diamond heart Matching Couples Tattoos Cute Disney Matching Couples Tattoos Til die Matching Couples Tattoos Split cardio Matching Couples Tattoos Heart lock Matching Couples Tattoos Banksy Matching Couples Tattoos Crossed arrows Matching Couples Tattoos Til death Matching Couples Tattoos Futurama Matching Couples Tattoos Crowns Matching Couples Tattoos Karma Matching Couples Tattoos Wine Matching Couples Tattoos Always and forever Matching Couples Tattoos Fingers xoxo Matching Couples Tattoos Key Matching Couples Tattoos

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