TOP 10: Christmas Couple Pictures for 2020

by Matching Outfits on September 24, 2020

If there is one time of the year when photo enthusiasts will be overwhelmed with new subjects to photograph to give free rein to their imagination, it is undoubtedly Christmas. The streets are illuminated thanks to impressive installations, houses are decorated, charming details appear in every nook and cranny, not forgetting the fir tree and its lights.

Plan a sumptuous meal that you will prepare or have prepared in advance so that you don't spoil the magic by putting yourself in the oven the same day. When Christmas Eve comes, put on your evening clothes, set the table with your most elegant dinner service and enjoy your meal as a couple, sprinkled with a good wine, by candlelight and the multicolored lights of the tree, to the sound of your favorite melodies.

It is also the favorite moment of the greedy people with this chocolate, these cookies, then the red and the green symbol of these holidays, the couples reunions and the unforgettable moments... Here are a few ideas to keep precious memories on film: a selection of 10 super original and creative Christmas photos to inspire you for 2020.

TOP 10 of the best Christmas Couple Pictures for 2020

For a unique Christmas photo that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones, you can opt for a personalized card with a photo. This will change the traditional cards that we accumulate in our drawers year after year. Beware, this article is full of nonsense and very too cute Christmas Photo Ideas. You have been warned. 😊

couple christmas picture snowy weather

You've probably taken photos similar to the ones below, but you may also find some gems that will challenge your imagination: Christmas lights, macro photography to capture details, portraits, meal shots... We hope you'll enjoy these photographs as much as we do!

1. Santa Claus

couple christmas picture senior santa

It's a classic to revisit. Santa Claus is the undisputed symbol of the holiday season. To take this photo, put a red hat on your significant other head and create a charming decor like a big bed, a bath full of soap. This will make a real original love picture.

2. Our best friends

dog pet christmas couple picture

You can also stage your pets and set up a party decor: a picture of your dog in front of the tree or your cat near the presents... Use accessories to make your pets even more cute.

3. Reverse roles

funny couple picture for christmas

Your husband don't always feel like doing the Christmas shoot? Don't worry, he will change his mind very quickly if you suggest this theme. For once, the roles are reversed... In this Christmas photo, the wife is the husband, the husband is the wife! Funniest idea this year.

4. Christmas outfit

couple xmas outfits nice photo

As you well know, We are fan of Matching Outfits, so why not wear Matching Christmas outfits. We have to admit that during Christmas time, there is nothing like spending a couple evening in pyjamas, in the armchair.

5. Preparing the tree

couple photo christmas tree preparation

Preparing the fir tree is a moment that is eagerly awaited by everyone. Take the opportunity to take pictures during the decoration, you will keep good memories. Play with tones, take black and white photos for a special style. Your loved ones will be delighted to have a greeting card with a memorable Christmas photo.

6. I want a reindeer headband

couple reindeer costume best photo christmas

The reindeer is another strong symbol of the festive season. For a moment, you can transform yourself into a reindeer with the help of a headband. Crazy laughter guaranteed. For the most creative among us, it is possible to make a headband yourself with a little material or to take a picture of yourself in front of a blackboard on which you draw the reindeer antlers. Suitable for all ages!

7. Snowflakes

snowy christmas pictures couple

The snow makes one think of the end of the year holidays. Why not highlight it in your Christmas photo? If it's too cold to go outside or if you don't have snow near your home, you can reproduce it with small polystyrene beads. You will love playing with this fake snow. Get ready to get out the vacuum cleaner!

8. They shine, they shine these stars!

Sparkle picture xmas ideas photo

To make the holidays even more glittering, make a photo shoot with your boyfriend/girlfriend surrounded by shining stars. You can achieve beautiful effects with light. Opt for a big star that will catch the eye, or several small stars that add sparkle to your Christmas photo.

9. Paintings and chalk in hand

Christmas craft painting with partner

Are you still looking for new ideas for your Christmas photo? Get a board and chalk and let your imagination run wild! Draw stars, snowmen, trees and anything else that represents the holiday season. Back to your child time, you will be delighted to play the game and pose for the Christmas cards.

10. Under the mistletoe

mistletoe couple kiss picture xmas

Our latest idea for your Christmas photo features mistletoe, the lucky mistletoe plant. Gather under the mistletoe to take a beautiful couple photo. Get out the accessories for a 100% lovely Christmas photo. 

The Magic of a Couple Photo Session on a Christmas Morning

For these pictures of a couple in winter, I would have of course loved to have snow: missed! But the fog compensated well for the winter spirit I was hoping for. For the occasion I created a nice bouquet of pine cones. And since it was the day after Christmas, I also wanted to play with the red colors to brighten it up a bit.

xmas happy memory picture

The spirit was still in the party because we had a lot of fun. The goal of a couple session beyond having nice pictures should, in my opinion, be the occasion to have a good time and to fall back a little bit in childhood. And then making them jump around warmed them up. Here are just a few examples of Christmas photos you could make...

Matching Couples Merch

A little creativity and a lot of envy is just what you need to make ideas come to life during the holidays. We hope our selection has inspired you and that you'll want to share your best Christmas photos with us! If you've finished the Christmas shoot, you can add all these great photos to your greeting cards

This year, whether it's a great first for two or another Christmas in your life together, you've decided to spend Christmas Eve as lovers. Maybe because your family is far away, or because you are working late on December 24th. Or that your family tradition is to spend Christmas with your family only on the 25th, Christmas Day. So why not take the opportunity to treat yourself to a romantic Christmas Eve dinner for two? 


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