The Best Couple Yoga Poses in 2020

by Matching Outfits on June 27, 2020

It is very important to feel good in body and mind, whether it is for your work, for yourself and especially for your couple! Instead of doing your sessions lonely, why not motivate yourself to undertake with your partner! 

Indeed, as a factor of physical and emotional communication between partners, yoga reinforces complicity within the couple. But have you ever thought about the benefits that yoga could bring you as a couple? How to start as a beginner? What poses to take?



Where to start your Yoga journey with your significant other?

Starting a new activity with no guidance can be daunting, we've all been there. Doing it with your lover will definitively take care of that uncomfortable feeling. He or she will bring calm, chemistry, and happiness without judgment while both of you elaborate poses together. Bond together at the start of your couple yoga pose journey.

💫 What is Couple Yoga Pose?

The Couple Yoga Poses practice will create fluidity between you, simply because you will activate important connectors which are: the look, the right breath, the gesture, the listening. This practice gives you keys and you will then be able to find this fluidity in intimacy.

🤔 Which Couple Yoga Poses are the best for beginners?

If you're just starting, five poses come to mind: the Cat, the Cow, the Lunge and the tree pose. These are the really basic poses where your primary goal is to concentrate on your breathing and towards how your body feels.

🔥 Why Couple Yoga is better?

Couple Yoga Postures, when done in pairs, are easier to perform, simply because there is an emulation, which can also be found in group classes. From stretching to sun salutation, it is all parts of the body and mind that we work together. 

🌈 How Couple Yoga Poses benefit to my couple relation?

Because practicing a sporting activity as a couple is an assurance of sealing your relationship at the highest level. Sporting and spiritual activity together mean thinking of one's duo as a strong duo, filled with confidence, harmony, and positive thinking.


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What perfect posture for your duo?

Let's get started. Here are different poses you can try with your significant other. Start with the easy one and when you get the hang of it, challenge yourself to more adventurous poses. Remember to have fun and to help each other

1. Forward sitting fold 

Couple yoga poses sitting fold

Wanna start a good stretching competition? Then the seated Couple forward fold is perfect for you and your partner. Sit down on the ground facing each other. Spread your legs into a V shape and touch the feet of your SO with yours.

Take your arms and gently, one after the other, pull yourself inward to stretch the spine, shoulders, and hamstring. Take deep breaths and slowly try to stretch further while still being conscious about the well being of your lover. It's an easy pose that helps in the synergy of your couple, have fun with it.

2. Twin tree

Couple yoga pose twin tree

Next on the list is a balance pose. The Twin tree is an easy yoga pose that works the chest, knees, and quadriceps. Has a team, you will need to keep the balance of the both of you.

Start by straitening your back and facing the same direction, lift your outside leg to your thigh while bringing your inside arm to the waist of your partner for support. Keep the balance for a good 7 breaths before changing sides. It makes you work the non-verbal part of your couple by leaning into each other and finding a good balance.

3. The dual chair 

couple yoga pose chair

An easy yet demanding pose if you want to do it right. The dual chair challenges the trust in your partner since you are supporting each other during the whole pose. If one of you flinch you are both going down. 

It's an excellent pose that exercises the muscles in your thighs, feet, and ankles mobility. Keep your back straight and your head high while taking deep breaths. Slowly, and at your convenience, increase the time doing this pose. You can even have a bit of fun by trying to distract your loved one.

4. The double plank 

couple yoga pose plank

Let's spice it up with the double plank pose, shall we? This pose helps straighten your abdominals, shoulders, back, and the communication between your couple. You are dependent on the other to make the pose a success. Yet no worries if you fall, it'll be more funny than painful.

Get the tallest partner in the plank position while the second member of the couple carefully grips their ankles with her hands before placing her legs on the shoulder of his lover. Hold it for has many breaths as you can while encouraging your teammate. It's a really good pose to step up your yoga adventure and to further the communication in your couple.

5. Partner Back Stretch

Couple yoga pose back stretch

A different kind of pose that can only be made in duo. It's a really fun stretch since it can be done anywhere at any time. Get back to back locking each other's arms with each other. Then slowly one after they other pull your partner on your back helping them stretch their spine and back muscle.

Even with a difference in height and weight, you'll be surprised how your legs can withhold the weight of your partner. From afar it looks like you are doing the motion of a swinging bell. It a great back pain releaser and really easy to do to.

6. Partner Side Angle Pose

couple yoga pose side angle

Another easy Couple Yoga Pose is the side angle. It stretches the legs, knees, shoulders, and helps with your overall balance. It's a really versatile pose that has a lot of benefits, add it to your routine with your significant other. Stretch yourselves while taking the hand of your partner while adopting a mirror-like pose before switching sides.

Take deep breaths together and remember to have some fun. This Yoga pose has a lot of small variations to give yourselves more challenges and ways to flex different parts of your body. A must-have in your Couple Yoga exercises.

7. Cobra Back Bend

couple yoga pose cobra

Wanna relieve the stress in your back with the help of your partner, then the Cobra stretch is for you. One of the partners lays down on his stomach while the other stands behind and slowly pulls his or her arms. This Couples Yoga Pose is a relieving one that is best done with your SO.

It stretches the back, the quads, and the hip. It gets you to communicate and take care of each other's being. This Yoga Pose is can almost be felt has a massage. Feel free to use it in the morning to slowly wake you up or at night after a hard day's work.

8. Partner Yoga Twist

couple yoga pose twist

This Couple Yoga Pose is pretty convenient helping you connect with your loved one. Sit down straight, back to back, and slowly twist yourselves both in the same direction and touch your partner's thigh. It helps to flex your core, back, abdominal area, and spine while being intimate with your partner.

While exhaling, try to get further in your flexing while keeping your back straight and elbows back. After five breaths, switch sides. It's a fairly easy pose meant to slowly wake you up, connect with your body and your partner's body too. It's a perfect Couple Yoga Pose.

9. The Couple Dog Pose

couple yoga pose dog

A more challenging Couple Yoga Pose for the ones ready for it. The first person takes an upside-down V shape from the standing position and holds it while the other participant puts his feet on his shoulder and adopts the same position. This pose helps with the core stretch and endurance.

Challenge yourself to hold longer every time by encouraging yourselves. It's really good for your health by strengthening your core and keeping your back straight. Remember to take deep breaths and to have fun while you collapse of exhaustion trying to set a new couple record.

10. Flying L Albatross

couple yoga pose albatros

The practice of Flying Albatross Pose is a great starter or warm-up for a yoga session. You will be prepared to push your body a little bit more can help to reinforce quadriceps, and all the torso parts of your body if you are practicing it for a long moment. It also helps to make your hips and knees stronger while you are not engaging them too much.

Albatross Pose will boost clarity in your mind and body. It should be included in routine yoga practice. The albatross is an appetizer for your inworld journey and heat up the body for more advance yoga flow.

Find the yoga that fits you

Like in any other activity, there are multiple ways to enjoy a hobby. Have fun in your own way within your own limit and pace. There are multiple ways to do Yoga with a person that you like. Why not explore the different possibilities to find the one that fits both of your desires. 

couple yoga pose training



1. The infinite Yoga Duo

The acknowledgment of Yoga towards a healthy lifestyle choice has exploded in the last decade, bringing many ways to fulfill your needs and preference towards this activity. Lots of resources are now available towards helping you get your body and mind on the same page. Share it with the one closest to your heart by getting involved in your own personal Yoga activities. There are 8 big types of yoga that all have subbranches.

The possibility is pretty endless. Some towards a more meditating approach like Vinyasa Style or they Power Yoga meant for a more endurance and training crowd. Let's talk about hot yoga that makes your muscle a bit more flexible while using more calories. It all boils down to what you want to accomplish in your journey. What type of yoga pose you want to do with your special person.


2. Yoga for your mind and soul, meditation and relaxation

One of the core purposes of Yoga is to look inward and make the bridge between your body and your mind. To connect the soul and to let the sensations flow through you.

That time is meant to relax and to slow the paste of your everyday life. Use your Couple Yoga pose to meditate and to clear your mind. Helping you focus on your goals, your thoughts, and overall well being.

Make it Yoga, relaxation, and meditation a part of your daily routine with your lover. It is known that couples that have activities together have a stronger bond and better communication. Making a Couple Yoga Poses are a good way to strike a lot of stones in one throw and to build an everlasting relationship. Keep both of yourselves connected to your flourishing personalities with a combination of Yoga, meditation, and relaxation.

Take on the challenge with your significant other and start your well-being journey. 

couple yoga pose meditation

Trying something new is something to look forward too. Learning Yoga with your lover makes your bond with that special person stronger. Making Couple Yoga Poses challenges both of you physically and mentally. Doing a couple yoga poses also helps with your relationship since you are building a habit, a synergy, and a healthy lifestyle with your partner.

Continue on your Yoga journey towards better health in your body, in your mind, and in the bond, you have for each other while having fun. It's a winning situation all around. Match your breathing and your heart in unison with your significant other by making couple yoga poses. You can even match your activities with your outfit if you want to bring even more pleasure into it.

Yoga is an easy way to start exercising and to push towards other activities since it helps prevent injuries and really just helps you connect with your body. Now get to it.

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