Long Distance Relationship: 17 Tips!

by Matching Outfits on August 20, 2020

Ah, love! How beautiful... How alive! Everyone talks about it and no one remains indifferent to a story of the heart. In fact, everything has been said and rehearsed on this subject. But you can never get enough of it! Especially when it comes to finding or coming up with tips and tricks to make it work.


So that it never stops! What about couples who have to love each other thousands of miles apart? You're curious to find out, aren't you? We'll tell you all about how to make sure that a long-distance relationship doesn't die! So take a look at our seventeen shocking tips and you'll know that nothing, especially not distance, can stand in the way of two people who love each other!


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1. Confidence in oneself and in others is the first key!

Clearly, you absolutely have to adapt when you are in a long-distance relationship with your Romeo or Juliet! Adapting will allow you to remain serene and to move forward without worrying.

Above all, don't panic!

And, don't spend your days and nights asking yourself thousands of questions about what the other one is doing away from you. Trust him. You have to believe in your story. This is the "sine qua non" condition to see your relationship last.
Believe in yourself and believe in the other!

2. Make plans together!

Yes, if you both really want to preserve your relationship, you must develop joint projects. The most obvious of these projects must be your overriding goal: "living together in the long run"! Don't just proclaim it. Believe in it deeply. Because without this objective, it is impossible for both of you to project yourselves into the relationship!


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Why continue to love each other at a distance if you are not convinced that, in the near future, you will be able to love each other side by side? Ask yourself one or both of the following questions:

"Am I willing to make sacrifices for him/her? "; or
"do we have a future together? » ;
"is there really a chance that we can be together one day?"

Don't think that by asking yourself questions like that, you're setting up and fuelling doubt in yourself. Quite the contrary. As long as you can sincerely and frankly answer with a YES! then, of course, you are on the right path. A long-distance relationship taken from the right end is the ideal opportunity to "take stock" and ask yourself the "real questions"!

3. Don't shut your love!

The miles that separate you are no excuse not to send you words of love. But not only that. So, here are some of the things that keep the flame alive: your body language when you find the other one or talk to him on video; the symbolic gifts and other tender attention you give each other when you see each other for real. The time of a weekend or a holiday for example.

You also have a great tool to keep in touch at all times: the internet! It's the place to be, don't be shy! Using the screens of smartphones or computers, talk to your friends and family:

eye to eye; admiring yourself and "undressing with your eyes"!


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The sound of your loved one's voice is soft to the ear. But accompanied by the image, it is simply exquisite! Because it awakens all your senses... Your eyes never tire of it! Even your nose enters the dance and smells, guesses the smell of the other! Your whole body is in effervescence. So don't be satisfied with sound when you can have so much more! Use the internet and make use of the many social networks and applications such as :

  • Facebook;
  • Whatsapp;
  • Telegram;
  • Skype; etc.

Talk to each other all the time. Live your relationship as if you were close to each other!

4. Don't keep anything to yourself!


So never avoid angry subjects! Because quite simply, tensions in a couple allow, when well managed, to move forward and appreciate each other more. So don't hesitate to communicate to the other what is tormenting you.

Of course, it is not a question here of making a crisis at the slightest suspicion, but of expressing your concerns; Speak immediately, in spite of the distance, to your darling about what is bothering you, calmly and tactfully; Express clearly and simply your reproaches when there are any.


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And there always are! Distance does not make the other perfect. Do not be afraid to reproach yourself. But don't add to them; Don't hide anything from yourself.

Exchange, dialogue and make it your duty to understand the other's expectations and needs. All this helps prevent conflicts and resolve disputes! This will only make you both more fulfilled.

5. Enjoy your reunion!

You must make your reunion magical, enchanting, exceptional, original and unforgettable moments! You will have understood: complete with as many meaningful adjectives as you like! Never miss the opportunity, when you meet again, to remind the other person how much you care about him/her. Use your imagination to avoid replaying the same movie or refrain: "restaurant, candlelight dinner, bed and more...bed! ».


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Season things at will! The world is full of spices just waiting to be picked and tasted! Take full advantage of these rare moments when you meet to discover each other more, but also and above all to surprise you pleasantly...

6. Visit more often!

Plane tickets are not cheap, we know that. But, love, true love, is definitely a once in a lifetime thing. And if deep down inside, you know you've found your soul mate, make the financial effort to visit her more often. It won't make you poorer!

Seeing yourself in real life, more often and not just virtually, through social networks will only solidify your relationship. You will prove to your loved one that you can't do without him or her, touching and holding him or her!

7. Share your days!

Share your daily joys and sorrows with the other person! For it is good to share. It only keeps you feeling that you are indeed united. For example:

Share with your loved one in the evening the things that made you laugh during the day; or..,tell him what has upset you so much that it's gotten you off track.


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8. Always stay positive!

When you are in a long-distance love relationship, you are certainly far away from the person who makes your heart beat. But..:

  • Don't forget that you also have friends and family that you can see more often;
  • Don't forget your personal and professional projects to which you can then devote more time;
  • Don't forget that you have time to focus on sports;
  • Don't overlook the opportunity to take an interest in a particular hobby;
  • Don't forget that you have more time for... yourself!

These are all benefits you can gain from a long-distance relationship. Add to these the immense pleasure you derive from reuniting with your "candy cane" after a long time!

Don't forget that "normal couples" often want to "do everything together". This is not good, because when they do so, they "choke and annoy each other" to the point where they can't even stand each other anymore! Well, this misadventure is not likely to happen to you who are in a long-distance relationship. So, be positive!

9. Synchronize your lives!

Here's another trick that works! "Do things together! ", while being far away from each other. For example, here's one: Make the program to watch the same movie at the same time!


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To spice things up, you could even text each other at the same time to share your opinions or feelings about a particular passage or character's behavior;
Set your watches to ring at a particular time: 5:17 p.m. for example! And when they ring at that time, each of you will think of the other!

Decide together to eat the same food on a given date and, if possible, at the same time... You will remain close in your heads and hearts even though you are thousands of miles apart.

10. Live a healthy relationship! Don't spy on each other!

Don't try to control each other; Preserve your freedoms and don't choke! A love relationship must remain healthy. Don't make it a "prison" for the other! Let him/her breathe and "be happy when he/she is having fun" without you. This doesn't mean that he/she doesn't care about you as much as you care about him/her.


Couple Spying Each Other


11. Have a balanced relationship!

Build a balanced relationship with each other. And to do this:

  • Trust each other;
  • Make the effort to make your relationship work;
  • Don't expect the other person to always make the first step or gesture. Because: "He's the one who has gone to the other side of the world! »;

Each one of you must evolve in a logic of cooperation and have reasonable expectations of the other.

12. Live your intimacy jealously!

Yes, sex is an essential part of any relationship. And for you, who rarely find yourselves together because you are separated by a long distance, it is even more so. Because moments of intimacy can be counted on the fingers of one hand. So, enjoy it to the max! When you are together at last, alone and embraced, enjoy without moderation! And keep a vivid memory of it until the next opportunity...


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13. Take and keep one end with you!

When you're away from each other, consider swapping something that will remind you of your partner! You will be able to look at him, smell him and touch him. And it will do you a lot of good. Because you will see your lover in this object and it will reassure you of his continued presence in your life! Choose the object that seems most suitable for you. It can be :

14. Challenge yourself!

Throwing yourself into challenges is a great way to endure patience until the next reunion and to motivate yourself to reach your goals! 

A. Lose weight between meetings

B. Learn to play the guitar

C. Learn how to cook her/his favorite meal

D. Smoke fewer cigarettes a day!

15. Compromise!

Don't impose anything on the other guy! Especially not your own schedule. Agree to compromise when, for example, you had planned to call your "baby" at a certain time and he/she makes you understand that he/she is not available. Nothing prevents you from postponing the call and waiting!


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16. Stay true to yourself!

Another obvious point, but one that should be remembered, is fidelity. Don't deceive your partner by using distance as an excuse. You know how much it hurts. And if you really love the other, if you really care about him/her, control yourself!

17. Live, get out and move!

This last advice completes the "positive attitude" that you should never give up when you are in a long-distance relationship. Live, go out and meet new friends! Don't stay within the four walls and fixate on being "left out". Because it's not true. Be convinced that the other person is also thinking about you. So don't live in fear of losing him/her and clear your mind! Always tell yourself that "love is stronger than anything"!


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Long-distance relationships are, for many, doomed to failure. It is not a given that a "normal" relationship will last. So, love at a distance? Nonsense! Doubts, questions and jealousies arise all the more. Not to mention the fact that we very rarely have the opportunity to touch the other person, to kiss them, to...!

However, some couples manage to overcome these obstacles and even use them as a weapon to love each other even more. They don't have any secret formulas. They simply apply the advice you've just read. So follow them and you will see that when you love each other with pure and deep love, distance doesn't spoil anything! Rather, it reinforces your feelings.


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