Top 20 of the Best Couple Games

by Matching Outfits on September 05, 2020

When we are a couple, we appreciate every moment we spend together. We like to share the joy and happiness of the good times and we must also be present for the slightly more difficult events. A stable and balanced relationship is based on trust, communication, and respect.

But over the years, the routine can set in. Partners need interesting and fun times like couple games to keep the relationship fused and dynamic. Routine can be fatal to the feelings two people have for each other. Let's spice up your life with 10 romantic games and 10 naughty games for you and your forever love!


10 Romantic games for couples

Sometimes couple games are made to get to know each other better, sometimes they are meant to titillate the senses of his or her partner, and, finally, they can also be a way to spice up his or her sex life. Whatever your reason for choosing this entertainment, you will have fun and discover a lot about your loved one.

couple kissing

A little sweetness in this world of bullies... There's nothing better than romantic couple games to talk about sweet topics and to show the love you feel for each other. Opt for one of the following couples of games to awaken your romantic side. Each of these couple games is very well known, in its original version, but here we suggest you play by adding a little romance and sweetness.

1. The dice

Choose square cardboard and draw on each side of it "daring" images that will allow you to break the ice to start this evening of couple games. You will be offered the following six ideas: kissing, caressing, massaging, erotic dancing, telling a naughty story, and undressing.

dice game for couple
Take turns rolling the dice and recreate the action on the side facing you. If, for example, your partner throws the dice and gets "kissed", you can suggest that he or she place a kiss on your neck, the tip of your nose, or any other body part that arouses thrills in you.

2. Sink!

Water Boating is a well-known game as well. You and your partner place your boats on the game board and take turns trying to sink each other's boats. This kind of couple's game can easily become romantic since you can choose a naughty punishment to inflict on your partner every time he or she loses a boat.

couple play table game
Cut out pieces of paper and write on each of them an action that the loser has to do: sing a romantic song, dance, take off an item of clothing, etc. Put them in a bowl. Then, each time a boat sinks, pick up a piece of paper and do what is written on it.

3. The treasure hunt

The game itself is simple: clues lead you to the big final gift. In the couple's version of the game, you have to write sweet words to your partner to give her a clue to find the next word. And so on... These messages are meant to lead your partner to his or her final reward.

couple play treasure hunting beach
This can take many forms: the gift he or she has been dreaming of for a long time, a lascivious dance, a candlelight dinner, etc... The goal here is to let your imagination run wild and be creative to surprise your partner. This kind of couple game is perfect to see how well you know each other!

4. The kissing game

Prepare a romantic evening that is a little unusual. Choose a love movie and select two or three emotional words. Then, during the movie, as soon as these words are spoken by the actors, kiss each other! This kind of couple game is great for building up sexual tension little by little.

couple kissing game bed love

5. Scrabble

This well-known game can be very exciting if you adapt to the rules. For example, you can choose to use only words that relate to the couple, relationship, or sex. Little by little, this will allow you to bring out your romantic or even naughty side.

scrabble for couple best game

You can also create new rules when you count the points. For example, every 10 points, the losing person must kiss the winning person. Or, every 50 points, the lover with the lowest score has to take off one of his clothes.

6. The Mystery Massage

Make yourself comfortable! Use a piece of soft cloth to close your spouse's eyes and tell her or him to lie down. Then start massaging him or her with a part of your body. It's up to your half to guess what you used to massage him or her. This type of couple's game is great to start the evening off gently and to relax.

sensual game massage couple

7. Truth or Dare

Who has never played this game? Forget your friends and play with your half. Prepare personal and intimate questions and choose an action list that will awaken your senses. This kind of couple game can be a great way to learn your partner's secrets, see what makes him or her tick, and understand what he or she likes.

couple communication love
By answering these questions, you will create a stronger, more intimate bond. And, if one of you chooses "action", you will be able to make erotic physical contact. There are no losers because both partners can learn a lot about each other and enjoy some benefits.

8. Poetry

For those who like to hear sweet words, this game can be a real revelation. Give yourself ten minutes to write a romantic poem of your own. Whoever writes the longest poem wins. He or she then gets to choose what his or her partner should do for him or her.

romantic poetry couple game

9. Who are you?

Each of you prepares a list of questions and write the answers on a separate piece of paper. For example: What is my favorite position? Or, what do I dislike about a man or a woman? This kind of couple game is a great way to see how well your partner knows you. The loser has to do what the winner tells him/her to do: a full massage, an erotic dance, etc...

question couple game Q&A communication

10. Romantic game via an application

You want to create a romantic atmosphere for your dinner tonight but you are separated all day long. No problem! There are many applications that offer you the possibility to answer quizzes, especially for couples. You answer the questions on your own (ideal date, favorite body part, etc...), and to avoid embarrassment, you only see the identical answers you gave.

couple play video game app gamr

10 Naughty Couple Games

When you want to bring some fantasy to your intimate and sexual life, you can choose to play one of the following naughty couple games. This will allow you to find out what your partner likes and what new experiences you should try.

11. Body painting

Prepare a large white sheet and make yourself comfortable, by this we mean, undress and keep only your underwear! Then use chocolate, cream, or syrup to draw on your partner's naked body. Then, finish the game in the bathroom where you can wash each other's body and more if you feel like it...

body painting couple

12. Play your fantasies

Write down your fantasies (one per paper) on each side and mix it in a bowl. Then, each in turn picks a piece of paper and represents the fantasy in question. To feel more comfortable, you should set some rules and boundaries before you start playing this kind of naughty couple's game.

couple game fantaisies

13. Role-playing

Choose a theme for the evening: the nurse, the fireman, or the policeman for example. And, soak up the character. Spending the evening being someone else can be a great way to get out of the monotony. This kind of couple game is perfect for those who want to get out of their comfort zone and try new things.

role play couple sexy

14. Accessories

To practice this game, you must have complete confidence in your partner. Let him or she handcuff you to the bed and use various accessories to get excited: a feather, cream... The goal here is not sex but only sexual tension. Raise the temperature only by touch; no talking or penetration. This type of couple game is to be practiced with a partner you have been with for some time and in whom you have absolute confidence.

sex toys for couple

15. Silly words

Lie down side by side in bed (naked) and talk naughty. Try to raise the temperature without ever touching yourself. List your fantasies, tell him how you feel when he is inside you, or tell him how his breath on your neck makes you feel everything. Play these kinds of couple games to see who has the most resistance: who will crack first?

exciting word sex partner game

16. The Mirror

Here the goal is to imitate the actions of his or her partner. Choose which one of you will initiate the game and do everything in the mirror. If, for example, your partner is stroking your hair, stroke his or her hair as well. If she kisses your neck, do the same. And so on and so forth...

couple have fun game

17. It is the card that decides

Take a simple deck of 52 cards and assign an action to each one. For example, the queen is a foot massage, the ace is chewing on the ear, etc... Each, in turn, draws a card and get to work! Once you've used up all the cards, go to the room and get down to business. This type of couple game allows you to awaken your senses and raise the temperature little by little.

men women couple having fun

18. Truth Through Lines

Take off your t-shirt and settle down. Take turns writing erotic words on your partner's back. He or she must guess at least three of the five words you wrote, otherwise he or she gets a token. For example, you can choose to write down what you want him or her to do to you that night. This kind of couple game is ideal for those who are afraid to say their fantasies out loud.

people kiss couple game

19. The intoxication of flavors

Exploring your senses is an extraordinary way to create an intimate and naughty atmosphere. Blindfold your partner and let him taste different types of food (chocolate, fruits, spices, creams...) with the tip of your finger. If your partner guesses what it is, he or she can finish this food on a part of your body, otherwise, he or she will have to eat it on a simple plate. This type of a couple of play is very important for sensual awakening because it involves taste, smell, and touch.

couple eating on the floor

20. To film oneself

There is a big difference between watching naughty movies and watching each other having sex. By filming yourself, you create a deeper intimacy. At first, it may seem strange to watch each other during sex, but as time goes on, you'll enjoy these moments. You will always want to do better, so you will try to invent new positions.

couple love sex movie
Here are some of the Best Couple Games that will allow you to spice up your relationship and your sex life. Don't be ashamed to play with your partner because it will give you the opportunity to get to know each other better.

So to get rid of the monotony, you need to bring a little spice to your relationship. Instead of getting carried away by routine, try these few romantic and naughty couple games. They are not difficult to put into practice and they can bring you a lot of laughter but also sexual tension.

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