2020's Best Weekend Getaways for Couples

by Matching Outfits on September 08, 2020

Life is a beautiful thing, so much to see, so much to do, so much to experience. Getaways with your significant other are one of the nicest ways to discover yourself and your lover by experiencing new things or getting to new places.

Where should we go, what should we do? It's exciting, and it's something couples should do as often as possible. It's a way to use your time to do things you really enjoy and to take the time for each other. Time spent with your lover is definitively a good time. 

When should we plan a getaway?

There's never a bad moment to plan a getaway, it brings fresh air and excitement to your couple. Kinda like a kid that is let loose where the only things that stop you are yourself. Create new opportunities to go out on an adventure with your partner and have the nicest time.

1. The adventures of a lifetime

The best couple getaways for a weekend are created by you and for you. It's part of who you are and shows what you like. It brings you and your partner to slow down and take the time, to take your time. Try it the result are phenomenal. 

Close your eyes and think about a relaxing place. What do you see, a beach, a trekking trail, a camping ground, or maybe a lake through the glass of a chalet. Share your view with your partner and plan one or several romantic weekend getaways.

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Think about a nice luxurious retreat in a lodge to lose the pace of time and spend valuable moments with your partner. It's also a good time to focus on yourself and get some meditation near the fireplace.

2. Focus on you

Reconnect with your soul and your being. Couple romantic getaways are a perfect way to get away from the daily routine and perfect to get intimate with your special person. Focus on something that puts a wonderful smile on your face. Get yourself a nice massage near the seaside in a cozy blanket.

Get dinner for two in an all-inclusive coastal spa or evening boat cruise. Get some time to reflect on yourself. To let your mind wander and to connect with your true self and your lover's soul.

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Take those precious getaway trips to fill you up with energy to continue the journey you are on and stay true to your values, love, and yourself. Couples getaways are made to focus like yoga practice, on yourself and your special someone.

3. Take some time off

Time goes fast, really fast. In everyday life, we seem to always be running everywhere. Responsibilities, work, children, school, we don't always take time to look and take some time off to enjoy this time in this reality. Weekend getaways are made to make you slow down and concentrate on your loved ones.

Rent a romantic place overlooking breathtaking beaches and get your champagne ready for a scenic sunset. A beautiful sunset is an equivalent of a culinary buffet for the eyes, a paradise for the soul, and a relaxation moment for you and your lover.

Couple outdoor getaway

Get closer, get a getaway package to a cabin in a skiing resort, and a mini-honeymoon going. Take some romantic vacation to concentrate on your couple.

Learn how to take the time to bond with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, wife, or husband. Use the valuable resource that is time to bring joy to yourself and the person you share all your feelings. Make it special and unwind in a secluded resort spa.

What getaway should we do?

Finding the perfect getaway depends on your interest, your mood, your skills, and how much you want to push yourselves. It can be as easy as taking a camping/hiking trip top full-on the visit to a new city. Add a day or two to make it a complete vacation and include awesome activities like horseback riding to your getaway package.

1. The spacious nature

Nothing brings more peace than a walk in the forest. Hearing the sound of nature and seeing the picturesque trees, valleys are charming. Stay overnight in a luxury cabin near the edge of the forest and the oceanfront. Savor the sand in between your toes while having a picnic waiting for the sun to set.

 ''In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.'' –Alice Walker

Take your time to climb a mountain, do kayaking, or rock climbing. Get to your nearest national park or state park to see what accommodations are available. Nature has a lot to offer for everyone and especially for a loving couple. Take a tent with you and bring some food for a weekend in the forest, get your fire-making skills out, and build yourself a small survivalist camp.

Getaway bonefire

 Exchange stories with your lover near the bonfire and get intimate. You can also go near the ocean and walk down the beach letting the sand softly tickle your feet. Try to get some surfing done, scuba diving, or a big afternoon of napping and castle building. Look for your nearest state activities like best texas weekend getaways for couples.

Maybe you'll find a food course that goes around a nice road that makes you stop in wineries, local farms, or other small hidden jewels near you. Nature has so much to offer and a getaway is perfect to reconnect your soul with it. 

2. In the city

Hop in your car or plane and find a town you would like to visit. Find the nicest restaurant, museums, and activities that interest you. Check-in a nice hotel and relax in a big tub with jacuzzi function. Go around in the different boutiques to get deluxe clothes or packages to bring back home.

Think about something both of you and your soulmate enjoy doing and start from there. Find things that you would like to try or areas you would like to visit or revisit. Ask your friends about there awesome getaways. Figure if you are going for a city trip or a more relaxing hotel kinda deal.

getaway city

Have a chat with local people to get the best recommendation. Make it exciting to discover a new city, it's history, the cuisine, the gardens and make nice memories that will last forever.

3. Out of the box gateways ideas

The good thing about getaways is that there are unique, all the time. It's exciting to know that you don't know what's gonna happen precisely. How about getting in your car and just drive and stop whenever you find something the spikes your attention.

Vacations on a beachfront villa in the Caribbean is nice but what about challenging yourself, your lover, and your couple with out of the ordinary activities. Why not try bungee jumping, skydiving, or paragliding. Try a camping and rafting adventure and get some splashing fun and excitement.

Getaway surfing

Challenge yourself and your lover. Get an afternoon of diving in a lake, rent a jet ski to have fun on the water, or go on a course to get a race car driving experience. Get to your nearest pet-friendly beach and spend the day there sipping you drink slowly while tanning, reading, or surfing. Rent a nice car and cruise with no destination in mind.

Let your instinct guide you in new activities. Stop when you want, eat were it looks good, listen to an awesome song playlist while chatting with your partner. Get out and try new things, you may find a passion, new friends, or your wedding beach resort. Who knows.

Should you plan your getaways?

There's no rule book for getaways. The only thing that counts is your desire to have fun and spend time with your significant other. You can plan if you want to do something specific or get on a plane or car and use your phone to figure something along the way. What's important is the both of you.

1. Build that relationship

It is known that the more you have experiences with your partner the better the bond you will have for each other. Doing activities together ultimately says that you are spending time with each other. You can see your lover in a different light and in different situations. What do they like or dislike, what are they scared or happy about. 

city getaway

What makes them tick or what makes them laugh profusely. Getaways are made for you two to bond with each other and find out everything about the other. Your team will be challenged while one drives and the other is putting some awesome song and figuring out how to get to your destination. You will build an incredible bond by having some intimate time with each other out of your everyday life.

2. (Re)discover yourself and your lovely dear

You can even discover a new hobby that both of you like and find happiness by sharing common activities. Build your relationship by trying new things and pushing each other's boundaries. Make priceless memories with your significant other by doing weekend getaways and discover a new facet of your couple you never saw.

Fall in love again by sharing time in a good company. Think about what your partner loves and surprise them by getting them at there workplace at the end of the day. Build your relationship, get out there.

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Breaking your routine is a nice way to start anew. With time, you forget why your husband or wife is a special person in your life. Doing a special surprise spring resort getaway is a perfect idea to reconnect with your lover and to build new memories with him or her. It's a way to bond and to bring yourself together.

What should we bring on a getaway?

It really depends on what kind of getaway you are doing. A camping trip or city trip. One needs a tent and one only needs a small suitcase. Some outdoor businesses even offer everything included only bring your clothes kinda deal. Remember there's always a shop to get everything so don't worry.

1. Try something new

Everybody is excited to have a getaway. From the idea of figuring out the destination to the planning of different activities. With that excitement comes the fact of discovering something new with your significant other.

A new city, a new area, a new sport, a new market, a new king bed, it's an awesome feeling to share with your soulmate. You can feel like a kid being amazed by all you see and be spontaneous with what you want to do without judgment.

getaway outside

It's freeing and delightful. Try something new and push your boundaries. Get creative, curious, and courageous to try new things in your getaway. Build an indestructible bond with your lover by making inside jokes and awesome memories. Get out and hike to a ziplining course before going down over trees.

Slowly relax on your rented cottage patio while smelling the fresh meat and vegetable slowly cooking on the grill or bone fire. Try the local cuisine to discover new dishes. Share that wonderful time in good company.

Get a furnished vacation rental cabin with a hot tub to relax and spend quality time with your dearest person on this planet. Try something new and make it memorable.

2. Remember that getaway

Getaways are remembered because that's where out of the ordinary things happen. That's where you relax or take the time to play your favorite sport or hobbies. Those are the moments that you keep in your mind and that you talk about months, years, and even decades after.

We can all remember a special getaway with our special person that made you fall in love for a second time. You see your partner in a new light and since getaways are really good at making stories, good and funny it's no wonder you should pride yourself in having many getaways with the person closest to your heart.

camping getaway

It gives you nice stories and inside jokes to tell yourself and others afterward that shows your bond, your chemistry, and affection for each other. You could also discover something you both like doing. You could discover your love for rock climbing, kayaking, or art museum and plunge into something you both like remembering forever that first time together.

Build a stronger foundation for your couple, memorable memories, and spread your getaway knowledge to everyone.

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Make it your little adventure, make it your own weekend story with good food, good sightseeing, good events, and of course some sweet love with your soulmate. Try something out of the ordinary or find a new trekking route to push your passion for a particular sport.

Switch between sporting events in the morning like skiing and a nice fireplace in a panoramic master bedroom of your vacation home. Make unforgettable memories with your lover. Discover new things about yourself and bring your relationship to a new level with weekend getaways. Make the fun last forever.


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