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Black and White Sweatshirts for BFF

  • Show off your togetherness in style with our Black and White Sweatshirts for BFF

    Designed to celebrate the uniqueness and joy of your unbreakable bond, these sweaters are as comfortable as they are stylish. The white sweater features the bold inscription "DOUBLE" framed in a black rectangle, creating a striking contrast. Meanwhile, its twin, the black sweater, features the word "TROUBLE" inscribed in a white rectangle, adding a touch of freshness and fun to your look. These sweaters are made from high-quality fabric for all-day comfort and washability. The inscriptions "DOUBLE" and "TROUBLE" are more than just decoration: they're a declaration of your cheerful and sometimes mischievous camaraderie. Perfect for casual outings, special events or just relaxing at home, this sweater duo will also make a much-appreciated gift for your best friend. It's a fun and original way to celebrate your unique friendship.

    Details of Black and White Sweatshirts for BFF :

    • Material: Cotton and polyester
    • Color : black, white
    • Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL
    • Sweater type: Large
    • Collar: Round
    • Limited stock
    • Free delivery