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BFF Necklace for 2

  • Saturn Planet BFF Necklace for 2: Symbolize Your Unbreakable Bond

    The BFF Necklace for 2 features a cord adorned with pendants in the shape of the planet Saturn, available in blue and pink. The necklace set is a wonderful way to honor and cherish your best friend. Whether you give it as a gift or wear it together, this necklace is a meaningful symbol of your special relationship. The centerpiece of these best friend necklaces is a charming pendant in the shape of the planet Saturn. The detailed design and bright colors of these pendants make them stand out, representing the unique and adventurous journey you share with your best friend. Each color option adds a personal touch to the necklace, allowing you to choose the one that resonates most with your friendship. The necklace's cord design is not only elegant, it's also comfortable to wear. It's easy to put on and take off, making it a worry-free accessory for you and your best friend. These matching necklaces for best friends come in a pretty presentation box, making them an ideal gift for your best friend on her birthday, a special occasion or simply to show your appreciation for her presence in your life. 

    Details of BFF Necklace for 2

      • Matching collars
      • High-strength copper alloy
      • Wear and shock resistant
      • Adjustable length: 35-48cm
      • Pendant size ~ 1.5 cm
      • Type: Choker necklace
      • Available colors: Pink, Blue
      • Limited quantity
      • Free shipping