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Brother and Sister Matching Bracelets

Brother - Black
Brother - Red
Brother - Yellow
Brother - Blue
Brother - Pink
Brother - Green
Brother - Grey
Sister - Black
Sister - Red
Sister - Yellow
Sister - Blue
Sister - Pink
Sister - Green
Sister - Grey
  • Brother and Sister Matching Bracelets: Unique Morse Code Matching Set

    Mark the special bond between siblings with our exclusive matching morse code bracelets for brother and sister. This unique set of two finely crafted rope bracelets is an ideal gift for families who want to express their connection and love. It includes one bracelet for the brother and one for the sister, creating a matching set that symbolizes their unique bond. Each bracelet features a pendant with a special message coded in Morse code, adding a layer of personalization and mystery. The bracelets are made with a fine, high-quality cord that is both comfortable and sturdy, guaranteeing longevity and everyday wear. The matching bracelets are designed to fit a wide range of wrist sizes, thanks to their adjustable knot mechanism. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or just because, these bracelets for brother and sister make a thoughtful and meaningful gift for siblings. Thanks to their simple, elegant design, these bracelets are suitable for siblings of all ages. To preserve the beauty and longevity of your Morse code bracelets, avoid exposing them to water and store them in a dry place when not in use. 

    Details of Brother and Sister Matching Bracelets

    • Assorted bracelets (1Pc)
    • Fine & comfortable cord
    • Adjustable length: 16-28 cm
    • Card size: 4 x 7cm
    • Small resin beads
    • Available colors: 14
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping