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Ceramic Promise Ring

Black 4m
Black 6mm
Pink 6mm
Pink 4mm
White 4mm
White 6mm
  • Ceramic purity meets commitment in our Ceramic Promise Ring

    Designed for those who value timeless elegance while guaranteeing comfortable wear, our ring for couple is a testament to the unique bond two people share. Made from the highest quality ceramics, each ring reflects refinement and durability. Thanks to its meticulous finish and smooth texture, the ring offers comfortable wear for everyday use. Ceramic is known to be allergen-free, making this couple ring a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. It's the perfect gift for an anniversary, a promise or any other special occasion to show your commitment to your other half. For couples seeking both elegance and functionality, it's the perfect choice.

    Details of Ceramic Promise Ring :

    • Matching rings
    • Resistant ceramic material
    • Comfortable and allergen-free
    • Withstands daily wear and tear
    • Ring width: 6 mm
    • High thickness (2mm)
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping