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Couple Astrology Necklace

Gol & Silver
Black & Silver
  • Celeste Union : Couple Astrology Necklace in Copper Alloy

    The sun and the moon, these two opposing but complementary celestial forces, have always captured the human imagination. Our set of astrological necklaces for couples draws its inspiration from this astral duality, creating a unique piece of jewellery that reflects the mystical nature and balance of a loving relationship. This necklace set is adorned with pendants in the shape of the sun and moon, astrological symbols that represent the union of masculine and feminine, day and night. Made from sturdy copper alloy, these necklaces guarantee durability and resistance, while retaining their timeless beauty. The chains are adjustable to suit each wearer, making this necklace a versatile choice for all couples. If you and your partner are fascinated by astrology or simply looking for a unique gift, this set of necklaces is the perfect choice. Astrological couple necklaces are not just jewellery; they are a physical representation of the celestial magic that governs our world and our relationships. Ideal for couples looking to explore the more mystical dimensions of their union, these necklaces are a daily reminder of the balance and complementarity that characterise every great love story.

    Details of Couple Astrology Necklace :

    • Set of 2 separable necklaces
    • Pendant size: 24*24 mm
    • Magnetic pendants
    • Copper alloy : Very robust
    • Adjustable chain 42 + 10 cm
    • Mesh or cord
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping