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Couple Wood Watch Deer Pattern

  • Couple Wood Watch Deer Pattern: The Essence of Nature on Your Wrist

    Evoking the majesty of the forest and the sweetness of shared moments, our matching watches is the perfect gift for couples who cherish both nature and love. With its delicate details and handcrafted design, it symbolises union, strength and elegance. Made with the utmost care from top-quality bamboo, this watch set feels soft and light on the wrist. The unique grain of the bamboo ensures that each watch is as unique as the love it represents. Whether it's an anniversary, a surprise party or a birthday celebration, the Couple Wood Watch Deer Pattern is a tribute to love, togetherness and precious moments spent together. With this couple watches, every tick is a reminder of the time spent together and the adventures to come. It is the perfect symbol of two souls intertwined like the branches of a tree, strong and rooted in love.

    Details of Couple Wood Watch Deer Pattern :

    • Style: Fashion
    • Case Material: Bamboo
    • Clasp type : Bracelet clasp
    • Strap length: 23.5cm
    • Men's watch diameter: 42 mm
    • Women's watch diameter: 38 mm
    • Bracelet material: Bamboo
    • Shape: Round
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