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Cute Couple Necklaces

  • Let your love shine as brightly as the stars in the sky with this Cute Couple Necklaces

    Each pendant features an astronaut in the midst of space exploration, reflecting the ambition, dreams and unconditional love that defines your relationship. The first necklace features an astronaut pendant holding a golden star in his hand, symbolizing the attainment of your highest dreams and aspirations. The second necklace features an astronaut pendant sitting peacefully on a crescent moon, gazing out into the cosmos and dreaming of infinity. The astronaut's head is also made of sparkling blue opal stone, which sparkles with every movement, recalling moonlight and the mysterious beauty of space. These necklaces are the perfect combination of love and adventure, an ideal gift for any couple who share a passion for exploration, adventure, or who simply want to express their love in a unique and meaningful way.

    Details of Cute Couple Necklaces :

    • Lot x2 separable necklaces
    • Blue stones in brilliant opal
    • Zinc alloy: Very robust
    • Adjustable chain 45 + 5 cm
    • Thick forçat mesh
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping