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Dinosaur Promise Ring

Gold (Tyrex) - 2Pcs
Silver (Tyrex) - 2Pcs
Silver (Diplo) - 2Pcs
Silver /Gold r (Tyrex) - 4Pcs
Silver /Gold (Diplo) - 4Pcs
Silver (Mixte) - 4Pcs
Silver (Tyrex) - 4 Pcs
  • Dive into the prehistoric era and take a piece of history with you, with our Dinosaur Promise Ring

    Precision-crafted from a robust zinc alloy, our couple rings ensure remarkable durability while offering an everlasting shine, whether in gold or silver version. When brought together, these rings fit perfectly together, just like you and your loved one. A perfect representation of two souls intertwining. So make a bold statement with these rings set that stand out from traditional jewelry, perfect for couples who like to think outside the box. These rings are the perfect present to celebrate a unique relationship, offering the perfect blend of romance and originality. Whether you're a prehistory enthusiast or simply looking for an innovative way to show your commitment, this ring is the perfect choice. Embrace history, cherish love.

    Details of Dinosaur Promise Ring :

    • Set of 2 rings
    • Durable zinc alloy
    • Adjustable size (all fingers)
    • Silver or gold color
    • Ring width: 6.5mm
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping