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Ecg Ring Sets for Couples

  • If your love has the power to make your heart beat faster, then our ECG Couples Ring Set is for you

    Combining modern simplicity with profound symbolism, these matching black and white rings feature an engraved electrocardiogram motif, illustrating the ups and downs of a shared life and synchronised hearts. Carefully crafted, these sturdy rings for couple will stand the test of time. The engraved ECG motif adds a personal touch, turning each ring into a palpable expression of your love for each other. It's a reminder that through life's ups and downs, your love remains the constant beat that binds you together. With its black and white design, this ring set will go perfectly with any outfit, adding a chic touch to your everyday look. Whether celebrating an anniversary, engagement, or simply saying "I love you," this ECG Couples Ring Set is the perfect choice for couples looking to symbolise their love in a unique and meaningful way.

    Details of Ecg Ring Sets for Couples :

    • Set de 2 bagues
    • Plaqué Argent 925
    • Alliage de zinc résistant
    • Résiste à l'eau et l'oxydation
    • Taille ajustable (tous les doigts)
    • Poids ensemble ~ 10g
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping