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Friendship Necklaces for 6

  • Star-Bound Friendship: Personalized Necklaces for Your Squad of 6

    Our friendship necklaces for 6 are designed for close friends who wish to celebrate their friendships or symbolize their unbreakable bond. This set includes six chain necklaces, each with a magnetic puzzle-piece pendant that can be personalized with each friend's name. When linked together, the pendants form a beautiful pink star. These best friend necklaces are a heartfelt way to commemorate your strongest friendships and the unity you share with your best friends. Each necklace comes with a magnetic puzzle-piece pendant that can be personalized with the name of one of your friends, making each necklace unique and meaningful. When the six puzzle-piece pendants are linked together, they create a beautiful pink star, symbolizing the radiant bond that exists between your group of friends. Carefully crafted, these customized necklaces feature durable chains and intricately designed magnetic pendants that will stand the test of time. Whether it's a birthday, graduation or simply an expression of appreciation, these matching necklaces for best friends make a thoughtful and treasured gift for your group of best friends. 

    Details of Friendship Necklaces for 6

      • Set x6 separable clamps
      • Sturdy 316L stainless steel
      • Water and wear resistant
      • Chain length: 48 cm
      • Bohemian / fantasy style
      • Available models: Without Engraving, With Engraving
      • Limited quantity
      • Free shipping