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Friendship Necklaces Sun and Moon

  • Friendship Necklaces Sun and Moon: wonderful way to celebrate friendship

    Look no further than our Friendship Necklaces Sun and Moon to celebrate your bond with your best friend or to symbolize your unbreakable connection. This enchanting set includes two delicately crafted chain necklaces, each adorned with a beautifully detailed sun and moon pendant. What makes these best friend necklaces truly special is the heartfelt "I love you" engraving on each pendant, which serves as a constant reminder of your deep affection and cherished friendship. Crafted with precision and care, these BFF necklaces are more than just jewelry; they symbolize the radiant light and unwavering support you give each other. Wear them close to your heart and take the warmth of the sun and the serenity of the moon with you wherever you go. Whether you're giving these necklaces set to your best friend, sister or partner, they're a thoughtful and meaningful gesture. Every time he puts on his necklace, he'll be reminded of your love and connection, making these friendship necklaces Sun and Moon, a truly special keepsake. 

    Details of Friendship Necklaces Sun and Moon

      • Set x2 Separable Necklaces
      • Silver-plated copper alloy
      • Magnetic / magnetized pendant
      • Wear- and shock-resistant
      • Chain length: 45 + 5cm
      • Bohemian / fantasy style
      • Available color: Unique
      • Limited quantity
      • Free shipping