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Heart Magnetic Bracelet for Couples

Green and white
Black and blue
  • Discover the quintessence of romantic love with our Heart Magnetic Bracelet for Couples

    Fusing the beauty of natural stones with strong symbolism, our bracelet set is an ode to eternal love and unity, making each couple who wears it a perfect match. Each bracelet is meticulously adorned with round natural stones, reflecting the beauty and strength of nature, while bringing a touch of timeless elegance to the wearer. At the center of these bracelets for couple lies their most distinctive feature: a magnetic clasp in the shape of a half-heart. When joined together, these two half-hearts form a complete heart, symbolizing the indissoluble bond and complementary nature of a loving couple. Thanks to their elastic design, these bracelets are comfortable to wear and fit perfectly on all wrists, creating a perfect alliance of style and comfort, perfect for Valentine's Day or any other special occasion. They embody the very essence of love, making every shared moment even more memorable. Order now and let these beautiful jewels seal your mutual commitment and passion.

    Details of Heart Magnetic Bracelet for Couples :

    • Set of 2 bracelets 
    • Color: green&white , black&blue
    • Ultra-resistant elastic
    • Length: 19cm (adjustable)
    • Natural stone beads
    • Reinforced copper magnet
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping