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His and Hers Matching Rings

Gold - Women
Gold - Men
Gold - Set of 2pcs
Silver - Women
Silver - Men
Silver - Set of 2pcs
Gold pink- Women
Gold pink- Men
Gold pink- Set of 2pcs
  • Celebrate your eternal love with these His and Hers Matching Rings

    Each ring is carefully crafted fromsterling silver and covered with a layer of gold plating - available in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, depending on your preference. At the heart of each ring is a dazzling Moissanite rhinestone. Known for its extraordinary brilliance and durability, Moissanite is the gem of choice for those who want an ecological and economical alternative to diamonds. Its unrivalled brilliance creates a captivating play of light that catches the eye. The sterling silver used for the ring offers excellent wear resistance, making it a piece that will last a lifetime. Whether you choose the classic charm of yellow gold, the modern elegance of white gold, or the feminine softness of rose gold, these rings perfectly symbolize commitment and eternal love. They're the perfect choice to seal your proposal with a symbol of beauty that will last a lifetime.

    Details of His and Hers Matching Rings :

    • Matching rings
    • 100% rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver
    • Water and oxidation resistant
    • 3-micron 18k gold plating
    • Moissanite stone rhinestones
    • Diamond-like brilliance
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