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Leather Strap Blue Couple Watch

  • Leather Strap Blue Couple Watch : A Fusion of Nature and Inspiration

    Let yourself be seduced by the Couples Watch with Blue Leather Strap, a symbol of love and commitment for couples who dare to stand out from the crowd. These matching watches perfectly embodies the union between earth and sky, blending the rustic naturalness of wood with the inspiring vivacity of blue. Each watch features a unique wooden case, offering an organic touch and recalling the timeless beauty of nature. he soft, resistant leather, tinted an inspiring blue, adds a modern, elegant touch. It symbolises the depth of the oceans and the expanse of the sky, capturing the essence of infinity. More than just an object, these watches set reflect a shared connection. They are the perfect choice for couples who want to celebrate their union while showing off their taste for bold, colourful design. Treat yourself to a moment of escape every time you take a look at the Blue Leather Strap Couples Watch. Let the inspiring blue remind you of shared dreams, common hopes and every precious moment spent together.

    Details of Leather Strap Blue Couple Watch :

    • Style: Modern
    • Movement : QUARTZ
    • Case Material: Wood
    • Type of clasp : Bracelet clasp
    • Case thickness: 12mm
    • Strap length: 24cm
    • Watch diameter: 45mm
    • Strap material: Leather
    • Shape : round
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