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Lightning Bolt Couple Ring

  • Let your passion shine through with our Lightning Bolt Couple Ring

    Our interlocking rings for couple evoke the intensity and energy of a lightning bolt, symbolizing the irresistible, electric force of your love. Featuring an adjustable design, they fit perfectly on each finger while complementing each other perfectly, just like partners in a relationship. Made from reinforced stainless steel, these rings set guarantee exceptional longevity and resistance to everyday elements. The lightning bolt is a symbol of power, intensity and connection, reflecting the fiery passion that binds two individuals together. It's the ideal gift to express the strength and energy of a relationship, whether for an anniversary, Valentine's Day or simply to show your love. Every time you look at these rings, you'll be reminded of the electric energy and passion that unites you.

    Details of Lightning Bolt Couple Ring :

    • Set of 2 rings
    • Reinforced stainless steel
    • Adjustable size (all fingers)
    • Interlocking style/design
    • Weight ~ 10g
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping