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Love Bracelet for Couples

  • Discover our Love Bracelet for Couples, symbolizing the interconnectedness and unwavering love that unites you

    The set includes two bracelets, one black with a heart-shaped pendant containing a padlock and the other white with a key-shaped pendant. The black bracelet features a heart-shaped pendant with an integrated padlock. This symbolic design represents your love and commitment to your partner, while signifying that your heart is closed to all others, reserved only for your partner. The white bracelet, meanwhile, is adorned with a key-shaped pendant. The key symbolizes the ability to open another's heart, showing that you hold the key to your partner's heart, and vice versa. These bracelets are more than just jewelry, they are a symbol of your unique bond and a constant reminder of your love and commitment. Whether worn together or separately, they represent the bond you share and the love you feel for each other.

    Details of Love Bracelet for Couples :

    • Set of 2 matching bracelets
    • Color : black, white
    • Comfortable cotton cord
    • 8 mm diameter (adjustable)
    • High-strength zinc alloy
    • Reinforced copper magnet
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping