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Lovers Wooden Watches

  • Lovers Wooden Watches: Celebrate your love with the beauty of nature

    Discover the couple watches, the quintessence of love and nature fused in one timepiece. These watches, specially designed for couples, embody the unbreakable bond between two people while celebrating the natural splendour of wood. Made from finely selected woods, these matching watches reveal unique nuances and hues. The rich and varied grain of the wood is a spectacle to behold, reflecting the uniqueness of each couple. Perfect for anniversaries, engagements or simply to say "I love you", these watches set are much more than a simple accessory. They bear witness to a love as deep and enduring as the wood from which they are crafted. By opting for a wooden watch, you are also making an ecological choice, celebrating the beauty of nature while preserving it.

    Details of Lovers Wooden Watches :

    • Style: Modern
    • Case Material : Wood
    • Type of clasp : Folding clasp
    • Case thickness: 12mm
    • Strap length: 21cm
    • Watch diameter: 44 mm
    • Strap material: Wood
    • Shape : round
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