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Matching Couple Rings

  • Affirm your love in a way as unique as your relationship with this Matching Couple Rings

    Our couples rings, offered in white and black, reflect a bold, powerful and forward-thinking love. Each ring features a unique hammered finish, symbolizing the strength and beauty of your love. The hammering gives each ring a distinct texture, recalling the ups and downs, challenges and joys of a relationship. Designed to fit your finger perfectly, these rings set are adjustable for maximum comfort and a secure fit. As every relationship is unique, these Matching Couple Rings are also unique in their design, symbolizing the distinct and precious character of your love. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, a birthday or simply want to give each other a special gift, this set is the perfect choice for couples wishing to express their individuality while remaining connected.

    Details of Matching Couple Rings :

    • Set of 2 rings
    • Color: black and white
    • Hammered copper alloy
    • Adjustable size
    • Weight set ~ 16g
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping