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Mexican Calavera Couple Watch

  • Mexican Calavera Couple Watch : A Testimonial of Love in Vibrant Mexican Colours

    For couples who wish to merge love, culture and art, this Couple Watch is the masterpiece that will sublimate your bond. Inspired by the rich Mexican tradition of Calaveras, these matching watches embody not only the passage of time but also the celebration of life, love and remembrance. The face of each watch is adorned with a colourful engraving representing the famous Mexican Calavera, a symbol of celebration and remembrance. These vibrantly coloured motifs add a touch of folklore and sparkle to every moment of your day. Whether it's a special occasion, an anniversary or a simple gesture of love, these watches are the perfect choice. They are a reminder not only of the ephemeral beauty of life, but also of the richness of shared moments. 

    Details of Mexican Calavera Couple Watch :

    • Style: Fashion & casual
    • Movement: QUARTZ
    • Case Material: Bamboo
    • Clasp type : Bracelet clasp
    • Strap length: 23.5cm
    • Watch diameter: 44 mm (men), 37 mm (women)
    • Bracelet material: Bamboo
    • Shape: round
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