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Mother Daughter Split Heart Necklace

  • Mother Daughter Split Heart Necklace: symbol of the irreplaceable bond

    Nurture the relationship between mother and daughter with our exquisite Mother-Daughter Split Heart Necklace. This set is a heartfelt symbol of love and unity, perfect for gift giving or as a special token of your shared connection. One for the mother and one for the daughter, creating a beautiful matching necklaces. Each necklace features a delicate, elegant silver chain, versatile enough for everyday wear. Unique heart pendants that fit together to form a complete heart. These pendants are designed like puzzle pieces, representing the way mother and daughter fit together perfectly. Made from high-quality materials, they guarantee long life and skin-friendly wear. The length of the chain can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and styles. The elegant, modern design is suitable for all occasions, from casual outings to more formal events. A meaningful way to express the deep bond and shared love between mother and daughter.

    Details of Mother Daughter Split Heart Necklace

    • Set x2 separable clamps
    • Sturdy 316L stainless steel
    • Water and oxidation resistant
    • Chain length: 45+5 cm
    • Hanging size. 23x30mm
    • Available model: Unique
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping