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Oreo & Coffee Friendship Necklaces

  • Oreo & Coffee Friendship Necklaces : A Sweet Break to Share

    Friendship is a perfect alchemy, just like the combination of an Oreo biscuit dipped in hot coffee. Oreo & Café Friendship Necklaces embody this delicious union, representing a relationship that combines sweetness and energy. Perfect for inseparable duos, these necklaces set are a daily reminder of tasty moments shared. The set includes a delicately detailed Oreo pendant and a steaming cup of coffee pendant, perfectly capturing this indulgent partnership. Just as an Oreo finds its perfect complement in a cup of coffee, these best friend necklaces remind each wearer of the beauty of your unique friendship. These necklaces are the perfect gift to mark a special occasion, an anniversary or simply to celebrate your togetherness. With such a distinctive design, these necklaces add an original touch to any look, while proudly bearing the symbol of your friendship.

    Details of Oreo & Coffee Friendship Necklaces :

    • Material : Zinc alloy
    • Design : Cookie and coffee bottle
    • Oreo necklace dimensions: 18 x 41 mm
    • Dimensions Coffee necklace: 15 x 43 mm
    • Style : Unisex
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