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Yin Yang Friendship Necklaces

  • Yin Yang Friendship Necklaces : The Perfect Balance Between Two Souls

    Celebrate the unique harmony of your friendship with our set of friendship necklaces. Inspired by the ancient Chinese symbol representing the balance of opposing forces, these matching necklaces reflect two friends who complement each other to perfection, just like Yin and Yang. Each necklace, worn individually, tells half the story. Together, they represent a harmonious union and perfect balance. This best friend necklaces is the perfect present to underline the importance of a strong and unique friendship. With their meticulous finish and timeless style, these necklaces are perfect for all outfits and occasions.

    Details of Yin Yang Friendship Necklaces :

    • Material : Zinc alloy
    • Design : Yin and Yang
    • Colour: White and Black / Red
    • Dimensions : 12*23*2mm
    • Weight : 14.6g
    • Chain : Chain
    • Limited stock
    • Free delivery