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3 Friendship Heart Necklaces

  • 3 Friendship Heart Necklaces : The Tripartite Union of the Friendly Heart

    Experience the heart of a three-way friendship with our exceptional set of 3 friendship necklaces. For the inseparable trio who share everything from laughter to tears, these jewels are a concrete expression of the love that unites you. Shaped like puzzle pieces, these pendants, when put together, take the shape of a warm heart, bearing an indelible message: "best friend forever". Each necklace has a puzzle piece designed to fit perfectly with the other two, symbolising the beauty and harmony of your friendship trio. Each necklace is a statement of individuality, but it's the union of the three that fully expresses the strength and depth of your friendship. Whether to commemorate a special occasion, or simply to honour your trio, it's the perfect present to say "we're inseparable".

    Details of 3 Friendship Heart Necklaces :

    • Pendant: 316L austenitic stainless steel
    • Strong chain: attractive reinforced chain with mesh structure
    • Pendant: Size: 25*30mm | Chain: 50cm
    • Limited stock
    • Free delivery