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Angel Wing BFF Necklace

  • Angel Wing BFF Necklace : A Celestial Alliance for Kindred Souls

    The matching necklace for best friend is the perfect representation of the sacred union between two friends. Inspired by the protection and gentleness of angels, this jewel is much more than a simple accessory. It symbolises pure love, mutual trust and unconditional support between two souls. When joined together, the pendants form a single heart, adorned with a magnificent angel wing motif. This design is a reminder of the beauty of the bonds of friendship that, like wings, allow us to soar high in the sky of life. Delicately engraved on the shaped heart, the sweet message "best friend" underlines the depth and authenticity of the relationship between the wearers. Every time you wear it, this necklace set will remind you of the sacred moments, the laughter and the trials we've been through together. It's the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. A piece of jewellery that expresses everything that words can't always say.

    Details of Angel Wing BFF Necklace :

    • Material : Zinc alloy
    • Motive : Angel wings in a heart
    • Heart size : 31mm x 31mm
    • Chain : Chain link
    • Limited stock
    • Free delivery