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Bracelet Couple

  • Celebrate your unique love with our Bracelet Couple 

    This bracelet set consists of two bracelets, one black with a heart-shaped pendant and the other white with a heartbeat pendant. The black bracelet is designed with durable black cord, accented by a charming heart-shaped pendant. This heart, a symbol of love and passion, reflects the deep love and affection you have for each other. The white bracelet, on the other hand, features a contrasting design with white rope and a heartbeat pendant. This unique pendant symbolizes the bond of life and energy that pulses between the two of you, a celebration of life and shared love. These bracelets are a unique and meaningful way to celebrate your special bond. They can be worn together, as a symbol of your shared love, or separately, as a constant reminder of your other half. Whether you're together or at a distance, these bracelets are a constant reminder of your mutual love and devotion.

    Details of Bracelet Couple :

    • Set of 2 bracelets
    • Color : black and white
    • Comfortable cotton cord
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping