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Butterfly Friendship Necklaces

  • Butterfly Friendship Necklaces : the floral flight of friendship

    Capture the magic of friendship with our friendship necklaces. Designed specifically for friends who want to wear an emblem as beautiful and unique as their relationship, these matching necklaces combine the elegance of butterflies with the delicacy of a floral motif, for an undeniably feminine finish. Each necklace features a pendant representing half a butterfly wing. When joined together, these pendants form a whole butterfly, symbolising the union of two soul mates in an unshakeable friendship. The butterfly wings feature a refined floral design, adding a touch of grace and femininity. These necklaces set, with their harmony of nature and elegance, are the perfect gift to commemorate deep and sincere friendships. While offering universal appeal, the combination of butterfly and floral motifs gives these jewels a distinct originality, reflecting the uniqueness of each friendship.

    Details of Butterfly Friendship Necklaces :

    • Material : Zinc alloy
    • Design : Butterflies
    • Colour : Multicolour
    • Weight : 12g
    • Chain : beaded
    • Limited stock
    • Free delivery