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Colorful Couple Wood Watch

  • Explore the perfect blend of nature and art with our Colorful Couple Wood Watch

    These couple watches, carefully crafted for couples who want to mark their love with style and elegance, offer a vibrant design where blue and orange tones blend with the luxury of wood. Each watch reveals a fascinating play of colours, where deep blue blends harmoniously with orange wood, evoking the shades of the sky at sunset. The round shape, timeless and universal, perfectly complements the bold, colourful look of the matching watches, making every glance at time a moment of pleasure. Are you looking for a unique and memorable gift for your other half? These watches set, with their combination of colour and wood, are an exquisite way of expressing how precious every moment shared together is. The Colorful Couple Wood Watch is a declaration of love in itself. It symbolises the vibrant, warm and passionate moments that every couple shares. With its vibrant colours and luxurious wood, it is the manifestation of a love as deep as blue and as warm as orange wood.

    Details of Colorful Couple Wood Watch :

    • Style: Fashion & casual
    • Movement: QUARTZ
    • Case Material: Bamboo
    • Clasp type : Bracelet clasp
    • Strap length: 22 cm
    • Watch diameter: 44 mm (men), 39 mm (women)
    • Bracelet material: Bamboo
    • Shape: round
    • Limited stock
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