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Custom Friendship Necklaces for 2

  • Personalised Duo Friendship Necklaces: Two Halves, Two Names, One Unbreakable Friendship

    Immortalise the depth and beauty of your friendship with our Personalised Best Friend Necklaces. Each pendant, delicately crafted in a puzzle, symbolises one half of a heart, perfectly illustrating how you complement the other. Engraved with each other's first names, this matching necklaces become not only a token of friendship but also a reflection of the individuality that, when brought together, forms an unshakeable whole. Each pendant can be meticulously engraved with the wearer's first name, adding a unique dimension to this already exceptional piece of jewellery. More than just an object, it's a vibrant tribute to precious moments spent together. Perfect for marking special occasions or simply expressing gratitude to a dear friend.

    Details of Custom Friendship Necklaces for 2 :

    • Material : Stainless steel
    • Personalisation : First name
    • Motive : Puzzle pieces
    • Colour: Gold and silver
    • Dimensions : 36mm x 40mm
    • Weight : 15.6g
    • Chain: Links
    • Limited stock
    • Free delivery