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Custom Friendship Necklaces for 3

  • Personalised Friendship Necklaces for Trios: One Heart, Three Names, Unbeatable Friendship

    Take friendship to a whole new level with our best friend necklaces. Each pendant, meticulously sculpted in a puzzle, represents a fragment of a complete heart, a perfect metaphor for the unity and complementarity of your group of friends. For an even more personal touch, each pendant can be engraved with everyone's first name, making this matching necklaces as unique as the friendship it symbolises. It's not just a piece of jewellery, but a tribute to the strong, unbreakable bonds that unite you. Ideal for birthdays, special celebrations or simply to say "I care about you". 

    Details of Custom Friendship Necklaces for 3 :

    • Material : Stainless steel
    • Personalisation : First name
    • Motive : Puzzle pieces
    • Colour: Gold and silver
    • Dimensions : 36mm x 40mm
    • Weight : 15.6g
    • Chain: Links
    • Limited stock
    • Free delivery