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Friendship Rings

  • Celebrate your unique friendship with this Friendship Rings

    These interlocking rings featuring the planet Saturn are the perfect accessory to symbolize an out-of-this-world friendship. Designed especially for best friends, this ring duo features Saturn, the second largest planet in our solar system, renowned for its magnificent rings. When worn together, these rings form a complete representation of Saturn and its rings, symbolizing the complementarity and unity you share with your best friend. These rings are available in two metal finishes. Choose gold for a sophisticated, luxurious look, or opt for silver for a more sober, timeless aesthetic. Thanks to their adjustable design, these rings fit perfectly on any finger. Highlight your inseparable bond and love of astronomy with these elegant and symbolic rings.

    Details of Friendship Rings :

    • Set of 2 rings
    • Durable zinc alloy
    • Adjustable size (all fingers)
    • Batch weight ~ 5 grams
    • Style/Design emboitable
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping