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Heart Magnetic Necklace for Couple

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  • Eternal Attraction: Magnetic Heart Necklaces with Diamonds for Couples

    Every love has its own magnetic force, drawing two souls together with irresistible power. Our set of magnetic heart necklaces for couples embody this natural attraction through half-heart-shaped pendants that come together naturally, reflecting your unique bond. These half-heart pendants are designed to come together, symbolising the attraction and special bond between you and your partner. Each pendant is adorned with two small diamonds, adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication and echoing the brilliance and preciousness of the love you share. Whether it's an anniversary, a proposal or a spontaneous gesture, these couple necklaces are the perfect way to express the intensity of your feelings and the attraction you feel for each other. This necklace set is a tribute to true, unchanging love. With their refined design and ability to attract each other, they are a reminder that, no matter what the challenges, true love always finds its way to the other half of your heart.

    Details of Heart Magnetic Necklace for Couple :

    • Set of 2 separable clamps
    • Zinc alloy : High resistance
    • Magnetic / magnetised pendant
    • Very comfortable waxed cord
    • Chain length: 45 cm
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping