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Koalas Friendship Necklaces

  • Koalas Friendship Necklaces: the gentle colours of friendship

    Evoke the innocence and joy of friendship with the our best friend necklaces. Created for friends looking to wear a symbol as unique as their bond, these necklaces set combine the tenderness of koalas with the brightness of colours, for a childlike, feminine touch. Each necklace is adorned with a pendant of a little koala, evoking gentleness, mutual help and brotherly love. These adorable creatures are a reminder of the importance of supporting and cherishing each other. The koala pendants come in multicoloured shades, adding a joyful, feminine dimension. This palette evokes childhood, dreams and the spontaneity of moments shared with friends. With their charming, colourful look, these matching necklaces are the ideal gift to celebrate a sincere, unchanging friendship. Wearing these necklaces, each friend will remember the importance of the other in his or her life, just as the koala remembers the tree that supports it.

    Details of Koalas Friendship Necklaces :

    • Material : Stainless steel
    • Motive : Koala
    • Colour : Multicoloured
    • Weight : 12g
    • Chain : mesh
    • Limited stock
    • Free delivery