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Personalised Friendship Necklaces for 7

  • Personalised Friendship Necklaces for 7 : Seven Pieces, One Heart

    Forge a lasting memory with our set of Septet Personalised Friendship Necklaces. Specially designed to honour the special bond between seven friends, these pendants, finely crafted in a puzzle, fit together perfectly to reveal a complete heart. The personalised touch of the first names engraved on each piece transforms this matching necklace into a vibrant memorial to your shared moments, celebrating the uniqueness and unity of your group. These seven pendants, each representing a member of your circle, come together to illustrate the love and solidarity that binds you together. Each engraved first name adds an intimate touch, making each pendant a unique representation of the friend it symbolises. Perfect for special occasions or to immortalise your friendship, these best friend necklaces reflect the precious moments you've spent together.

    Details of Personalised Friendship Necklaces for 7 :

    • Material : Stainless steel
    • Personalisation : First name
    • Motive : Puzzle pieces
    • Colour: Gold and silver
    • Dimensions : 36mm x 40mm
    • Weight : 15.6g
    • Chain: Links
    • Limited stock
    • Free delivery