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Angel Devil Couple Necklace

  • Discover the perfect harmony between light and shadow with our Angel Devil Couple Necklace

    This jewel is the ultimate expression of love, where two opposites complete each other and unite to form a whole. The wings pendants, representing angel and demon wings, merge with exquisite delicacy to create the shape of a heart. It's a poignant representation of balance in a relationship, where each partner brings something unique to the whole. The mix of angel and demon symbolises that in any relationship, there are moments of purity, joy and challenge. This couple necklace is a reminder that true love embraces all facets of the other person's personality. Whether it's for an anniversary, a relationship anniversary, or simply to express your love in a special way, this necklace is the perfect choice to surprise and delight your other half. Wear the Angel Devil Couple Necklace to celebrate your singular union, and to remind you that even in duality, true love always finds its way. It's a tribute to the imperfect perfection of every love, and to the beauty that lies in complementarity.

    Details of Angel Devil Couple Necklace :

    • Batch / Set of 2 collars
    • Strong zinc alloy
    • Chain length: 50 cm
    • Forçat link / clip clasp
    • Separable heart pendant
    • style : gothic / dark
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping