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Couple Heart Necklace - I Love You

  • Plunge into the heart of romance with our Couple Heart Necklace - I Love You

    Our necklaces are designed for lovers who want to wear their affection around their necks, this matching necklace is a token of pure and eternal love, each half heart pendant joining with the other to create a whole. When the two necklaces are brought together, they reveal the touching message: "I love you", a token of love that leaves no room for doubt. Made from ultra-resistant titanium, this necklace for couple is not only elegant but also designed to stand the test of time. Its brilliant shine and unrivalled durability echo the eternal nature of your love. Suitable for all styles and preferences, the adjustable chains offer optimum comfort and allow the pendant to be worn as close to or as far from the heart as desired. The gift of this magnificent set of necklaces is a declaration of love. It's saying without words everything your heart feels, it's uniting in the most beautiful of ways. This necklace is more than a piece of jewellery, it's a promise, a commitment, a tangible reminder of moments shared and to come.

    Details of Couple Heart Necklace - I Love You :

    • Set of 2 separable collars
    • Ultra-resistant Titanium material
    • Resists water and darkening
    • Pendant (assembled): 32x32mm
    • 50 cm adjustable chain
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping