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King Queen Match Couple Bracelets

Silver and gold
Gold and silver
  • Inspired by the majesty of royal love, the King Queen Match Couple Bracelets is an ode to the sacred union of two souls

    Fusing the timeless elegance of natural stones with the grandeur of crowns, our couple bracelets are more than just a jewerly : they are a testament to a love that aspires to greatness. Each bracelet is carefully adorned with natural stones, offering a rustic yet refined look. Placed proudly on the front, the crown motif is the ultimate symbol of royalty and exclusivity. Thanks to their elastic design, these bracelets fit comfortably on most wrists, beautifully combining aesthetics and practicality. Each bracelet serves as a constant reminder of the commitment each partner makes to the other. Treat yourself and your partner to a piece of jewelry that, like your love, is both powerful and delicate. Order today and wear the symbols of your royal love with pride.

    Details of King Queen Match Couple Bracelets :

    • Set of 2 bracelets 
    • Color: black and white
    • Ultra-resistant elastic
    • Stainless steel crown
    • Choice of lengths (XS to XL)
    • Natural stone beads
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping