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Match Couple Bracelets

  • Match Couple Bracelets: the perfect embodiment of the love and complicity that unites two people

    Each bracelet carries a strong, symbolic message, representing the bond of love between you and your partner. The first bracelet, in black cord, is adorned with a white heart-shaped pendant. In the center of the heart is a heart-shaped hole, evoking a space reserved for the loved one, a lack that can only be filled by the other. The second bracelet is white, with a white heart-shaped pendant. This heart is full, reflecting the completeness and sense of fullness that emanates when your partner's love fills you. Worn together, these bracelets tell a beautiful story of love, attachment and wholeness. They form a harmonious couple, just like you and your partner. Every time you look at them, they'll remind you of the importance of the love you share and the person who has filled your heart.

    Details of Match Couple Bracelets :

    • Set of 2 matching bracelets
    • Color : black, white
    • Comfortable cotton cord
    • 8 mm diameter (adjustable)
    • High-strength zinc alloy
    • Reinforced copper magnet
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping