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What is the Couple Look in South Korea ?

What is the Couple Look in South Korea ?

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In Korea, no ones is joking with their couple, it's a real institution governed by multiple codes ! One of the "relationship goals" in Korea is the "couple look", which is to dress (almost) the same. Fashion holds an important place in Korea, the couple too and that, the brands have integrated it well and often offer suitable products! We’re going to focus on this phenomenon today 🤩

1. Matching Outfits for Honeymoon

It is not clear when this practice dates back, but it seems that the "couple look" has existed for several decades. This goes back a few decades ago, when honeymooners decided to abandon traditional clothes. Instead, they preferred to wear similar outfits to signify that they were newlyweds 🥳

Little by little, the unmarried couples did the same.

Very popular with 20-30 year olds, the principle is very simple: match your outfits. You don't necessarily have to dress exactly the same, although this is also common, the goal is that there is at least one element in each outfit that is reminiscent of the other, right down to your underwear 😋 It can be a t-shirt with the same pattern, an identical cut of pants, a color code or an accessory similar to that of his loved one.

2. Show the Love Differently

It may seem strange or even a little silly for Westerners but it is only a question of culture! With us, the identification would be done more by a group of friends, in Korea it is done above all by the couple 👀

Koreans like to show commitment and love in a different way. Matching Outfits are one of them! The "couple look" is therefore not only a fashion, but a true philosophy of the couple in Korea !

When kissing with open mouth in Korea seems to be out of place and frowned upon by other Koreans, the Matching Couple Outfit as an alternative solution and suggests in a demonstrative and completely open way its belonging to the other ... A nice initiative, we would say- ahah!

If you plan to go there someday, and maybe date a Korean, make sure you know how it is there ! You may have surprises 🤗

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3. Does it Match the Fashion Trends too ?

While remaining at the top of the fashion ladder, Koreans agree over time: hats and scarves in winter, sunglasses in summer, small denim jackets for fall etc. Matching clothes are not the only elements that prove that you are in a relationship with a person 💑Accessories, haircuts, colorings, and even underwear are there !

On a top of that, South Korea still have a lot of fashion brand stores implanted almost everywhere, following the big fashion districts such as Gangnam or Hongdae. 

You can also find a lot of stores dedicated to the Couple Look with only matching apparel for sale in it ! 😮

4. How to Get a Couple Look like Koreans ?

If you are not planning to Korea for a lovely trip, you can still combine fashion and design with our (almost) infinite combinations available on Matching Outfits ! That would be a wonderful gift for Valentines Day, which is coming pretty soon as we are writing this article 😎

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If you prefer to only have a little detail that top your outfit with your beloved one, you can also have a look on our Matching Accessories collection.

5. A few Facts about the Couple Look

Here is a bit of extra informations about the Couple Look in Korea, if you are still questioning yourself about this trend that we are all curious about. We have made some researches, and here it is ! Let's resume, and get deeper in the topic :)

What is the Matching Outfits trend in Korea ?

It is a fashion that makes young couples dress the same, from head to toe. It is very popular in South Korea, for older couples too!

When did the Matching Outfits trend appear ?

Since early 2000's, it is very popular among the 20-30 years old couples. In the 2010's, it got very popular, even outside of Korea.

Where can we find Matching Outfits for Couples ?

In Korea, many stores in the popular fashion areas are dedicated to this trend. You can also make your own by buying the same clothes, when they're both available for men and women.

What is the best occasion to wear Matching Outfits ?

People wear it on daily basis: for events, romantic times, parties,... it is a very common thing in Korea. It is originally from the Honeymoon, but now for everyday use.