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How's "Korean Couples Outfits" looks like ?

How's "Korean Couples Outfits" looks like in 2023?

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Korean Couples Culture among the young generation (X and Y) are a little bit different than other couples in the world. In fact, they have a unique style of love, and a unique way to show it. 

In Korea, the dress makes the couple! Between the jacket, the unavoidable t-shirt, the cap, the shoes, and sometimes even the socks, the Koreans expose themselves to the public completely matched: The fashion couple outfit has become a real trend and invades the busiest streets of the capital day and night.

There is no anymore question to hide its statute of the couple, nor even to hide its sweetheart anymore. Today we will focus on their looks. Let’s see what is a typical Korean Couple Outfits. 

When South Korean Couples started similarly Outfits?

It is not clear how long ago this practice began, but it seems that the "couple outfits" have been around for several decades. This would go back to a few decades ago when honeymooners decided to abandon traditional clothing. Instead, they preferred to wear similar outfits to signify that they were newlyweds. Gradually, unmarried couples did the same.

We already talked about the Couple Look Trend, make sure to read this blog article if you want to know more about it !

Matching Couple Hoodies

Very popular among the 20-30-year-olds, the principle is very simple: match their outfits. It is not necessarily necessary to dress exactly the same, although it is also common, the goal is that there is at least one element in each outfit that reminds one of the other, right down to the underwear. It can be a t-shirt with the same pattern, an identical cut of pants, a color code, or an accessory similar to the one of your beloved.

1. How is the Fashion Culture for Couples in Korea?

As you know, South Korea is among the best in fashion. No wonder this concept is gaining momentum, especially when you're a couple. Whether you're walking in a park, going to the movies, or even on a gourmet break in the city, you're sure to come face to face with one of these ultra-fashionable couples, wearing the same backpack or sneakers. The best thing is still the total matching outfit!

When kissing at the full mouth in Korea seems to be out of place and badly seen by other Koreans, the total similar outfit appears as an alternative solution and suggests in a demonstrative and totally open way its belonging to the other... A nice initiative you will say!

Three korean couple matching outfits

While remaining at the top of the fashion ladder, Koreans are in tune with the times: hats and scarves in winter, sunglasses in summer, small denim jackets for fall, etc... Clothing is not the only thing that proves that you are a couple. Accessories, haircuts, coloring, and even underwear are also part of the equation!

2. Matchy-matchy Streetwear Style

Korean street style is one of my most recent obsessions. We all love the meeting of the classic and the playful that characterizes the ensembles we see on Instagram. It quietly inspires us to dare more. It was while browsing the posts of young Korean influencers that we discovered the "matchy-matchy" phenomenon.

The multiple clichés of couples dressed similarly quickly intrigued us. So we decided to do my little research. It seems that in South Korea, couples usually do not live together until after marriage. Moreover, Korean culture discourages public displays of affection, which is why young lovebirds are more likely to fall back on fashion and show their relationship in public. 

Streetwear couple outfit korea matchy matchy

Some couples take the trend to extremes with virtually identical outfits from head to toe. Others exploit it in a more subtle way, relying instead on one or two common elements, or a reminder of color or cut, for example. In a way, adopting the matchy-matchy look like a couple is a way for young Koreans to give a thumbs-up to traditions.

It's a kind of declaration of love through style. It's photogenic and a bit rebellious, and we love it. We have to say that we like the idea of bringing a discreet touch of cohesion to our couple aesthetic in the future. And you, are you inspired by this Korean movement?

We're a couple! Pairing up proudly!


On a top of some Korean Couple Rings, pairing up to just wear the same outfit may be outdated but it is honestly really trendy in South Korea, Japan, and later in Europe. In Europe, where people aim to be unique and spotted among the crowd, it's hard to do a paired look with their beloved, but South Korean couples are very good at it and are really proud of it!

Korean Couples outfits ideas

1. How Korean Couples looks like?

South Korean men and women dressed in Matching Outfits are happily strolling the streets. In the past, you used to see all pairs from top to bottom, but nowadays, the nuanced pair look is becoming more and more mainstream, with colors and patterns only being the same, or the same clothes being coordinated differently.

There are also online and offline shops specializing in couples' products in Korea, Japan, Australia, or the USA. We, Matching Outfits try to be one of those, educate, and share with people who aim to coordinate their clothes.

2. Photography and Instagram Korean Couples

Korean couples are obsessed with photography, and it's pretty easy to spot couples taking a series of photos of each other. They are using an SLR camera to take photos of each other from various angles, poses, and backgrounds. Korean lovers take this hobby really seriously.

Korean Couple Outfits Date

In fact, in Seoul, there are also studios dedicated to couples, and it is said that couples use these studios to create memories for everyday dates and special occasions. They also, hire a professional photographer for a day to take natural photos of them and their date.

3. Differences between Korean and Japanese Couples

Unlike in Japan, where skin-to-skin relationships are difficult to achieve in public places, Korea is relatively open. Couples hug at bus stops, escalators, and in front of crosswalks. In Japan, most people only hold hands when walking side by side with their loved ones, but in Korea, you'll see many couples with their arms around each other or with their hands on their shoulders or hips.

It seems that the level of closeness is higher in Korea and closer to western relationships than in Japan. Maybe that's why there are special seats for couples to sit side by side in Korean cafes. Unlike in Japan, where it is common to sit face to face, couples prefer to sit side by side to feel closer to their loved ones.