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Best DIY Family Christmas Tree Ideas for 2023

Best DIY Family Christmas Tree Ideas for 2023

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The first snowstorm is always expected yet it always surprises us. You just wake up in a different scenery, no turning back, winter has just arrived. With the first symbol of the holiday slowly descending on the grass another symbol is rising. The first symbol of Christmas is inadvertently the Christmas tree.

One of the only tree that stands tall even when the times are cold. Nothing brings more holiday spirit than building a DIY Family Christmas Tree. It is the centerpiece of your Christmas decoration and should represent the joy and happiness of your family.

Christmas tree ornament

Build your own Tree with do it yourself decoration and ideas. We've got you covered with awesome imaginative suggestions that will impress your guest and open the minds of your family. Use the most special time of the year to make an out of the ordinary special holiday tree and blow the minds of everyone while having fun. 

Decorating your Christmas Tree

Every Christmas tree is different either you get it from the forest or use a reusable one. This holiday season, break the usual way of decorating your tree and use new Christmas decorating ideas at your disposal to impress everyone. Bring the festive cheer in a different way for Christmas.

1. DIY Xmas Ornaments

Decorating your Family Christmas Tree is awesome, it brings everyone together. The beauty of a tree is really dependent on the decorations it is filled up with. You can use decorations from the store or make your own ball ornaments. Make your Christmas different with DIY Christmas decorations.

Christmas balls

Get the hot glue gun out, inexpensive metallic red and green paint to make your own Christmas ornament. Use leftover electric bulbs, glitter, ribbons, or paper mache to craft decorative reindeer or snowman to put in your tree. Make it fun by using simple household goods, scissors, glue, and clever thinking.

Use your imagination to build unique decorations for your tree. Make your guest discover your snowflakes and other personalized Christmas ornaments, stockings, and candles. Become the family that everybody is curious about. It's a fun activity to do with your crew and it will give you awesome memories, especially for the younger ones.

Christmas ornament

Start today so that you add some different Christmas decorations throughout the years and build your own family holiday decor. Your box of decoration will become a box of memories, laugh, and ingenious thinking that will stay forever engraved in your family's mind. One small tree ornament for man one giant memory for your family.

2. How to make a DIY Snow Globes?

Another addition to your Christmas tree can be to make your own scenery in a snow globe. Find nice snowmen ornament, fireplace, Christmas train, nativity scene, or any small object you would like to portray in your snow globe. You can even make it yourself by using clay and paint.


Just remember that it will be submerged in a liquid. Find a used jar, a transparent glass one is usually the best way to go to have the best visibility but you can use tinted glass if you want to make it different. Secure with glue the snowflake ornament or anything you would like to have in your snow globe at the bottom of the jar.

Slowly fill it up with water and add a couple of drops of liquid glycerin. Liquid glycerin makes the glitter go down slowly. Add the glitter and voila. A perfect handmade tree decoration. This is an awesome little project that will surprise everyone and is really entertaining.

Christmas snow globe

It's a very versatile home decor and can be used as a centerpiece on your table and in your Tree. Feel free to make different sizes and different homemade Christmas ornaments in those jars. Make it your own little Christmas snow globe.

3. DIY Christmas village

Another awesome DIY Family Christmas Tree idea is where you put the present. The bottom of the tree is also really important. It's the foundation of your tree. Make it look awesome by making your own little Christmas village. Start by making a plan of what your village should look like.

Christmas village

Build the building by assembling popsicle sticks or boxes together and paint them. You can even use the Legos of your children if you want to. Put down an ice rink and add small led lights to make it even more interactive. Make everyone participate to make it special.

Help the younger ones find ways to add stars and Santa Claus on his sleigh by attaching it to some tree branches. Make DIY snow or use big white fabric. Use your imagination to make your village different. Add little car toys or even Godzilla on one of the buildings to make it funny.

Christmas village

The beauty of a DIY project is that everyone can add a bit of themselves to make the whole picture marvelous. Make a little track for a train and a tunnel for the small kid to enjoy and old steam train choo chooing in town. Make the house big enough to hide small gingerbread cookies or small gifts. Make your Village a part of the celebration.

4. Other Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas has so many ways to be portrayed, if it brings together you and your family around the Christmas spirit than by all means create new innovative decorations. There are some other DIY Christmas crafts you can do. like awesome handmade wreaths and garlands to wrap around your tree.

Christmas Picture

Bring your ideas to reality and share special moments with your loved ones. Show how important Christmas tree ornaments, tabletops, advent calendar, and homemade figurines are for your holiday spirit. Get together to make a plan to bring the holiday cheer inside your house.

Be crafty and shiny this Christmas season by decorating cute porcelain snowman ornament to add to your DIY Family Christmas Tree. Use different household objects to make sparkly holiday ornaments. Make it a way to reuse old discarded products.

DIY Christmas ornaments

Make lanterns with candles and tinted jars painted with acrylic paint. Bring in interesting ideas has a family and make this Christmas the most memorable. Find ways to bring a merry Christmas by having the best Christmas wreaths ever.

Your Family, your handmade Christmas

Building your own Christmas tree with the help of your family is an awesome moment, everybody shares their idea of how they see the mythical pine tree. It's a nice way to have special moments with every member of your family and have some nice laughs. But there's so much more than the tree itself.

1. The chosen tree

The first step for your holiday decorations is to find the perfect tree. This tradition maybe once a year but no one wants to miss it so here are some tricks to find the one. First up, what type of Christmas tree should I get? Pines and Fir trees have softer needles than a Spruce tree so it can be better for small children.

Pine tree

Measure the area where your tree is gonna be, nothing more frustrating than when something doesn't fit right. While looking at an interesting prospect, look for even coloration. Try pulling on some needles if most of them stay secure, it's a good sign.

If you are at a tree growing establishment you can ask advice from the employees but usually finding a good tree comes with practice and intuition. How to keep your Xmas tree healthy? Keep your tree in a cool and dry area.

Christmas tree outside

Check the water in the tree stand to make sure your tree has enough for it to stay humid and last longer. Think about a rose in a vase. It's exactly the same steps. Where should I put my Christmas tree?

Try to put your tree away from the direct heat of the fireplace, it tends to dry out the needles faster and can be a fire hazard. Make sure you choose your tree wisely. It is after all the centerpiece of Christmas.

2. Decorate your home

Your Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your Christmas decoration. But like in photography, there is much more than just the subject. If you take a step back you can see everything around your tree that brings him at the forefront of everyone's attention.

Christmas candy cane

A nice fireplace with Christmas stockings specially decorated with shapes and forms that represents a particular member of your family. Near the Christmas table, candy canes are in a bowl for everyone to enjoy a peppermint treat. Christmas lights brighten the nativity scene near your house entrance.

Small little decorations bring warmth to your household in the cold days of winter. It brings a sense of weightlessness, a sense of happiness, and joy. The holiday decorating brings sparkles to your daily life. Decorate your home to make it different and to give more power to your DIY Family Christmas Tree.

Christmas lights

Get your Christmas carols out to bring all the senses in the Christmas spirit for the holidays. Put some little Christmas trees with Christmas balls attached to it in different rooms of your house and deck the halls with boughs of holly on all your corridors. 

3. Winter Wonderland

Everybody is impressed to see nice decorations. There are even YouTube compilations of awesome home decorations videos. Bring the festivities outside by making your DIY Christmas decorations. Use your house and trees around it to make special decorations.

Christmas wraith

Add some lights, hang some glass ornaments and other Christmas holiday decorations. Take out your ladder and make your Family Christmas Tree outside. Nothing more awesome than to step outside and sing carols after the Christmas dinner in your own Christmas wonderland.

Use the snow to build your decorations with the help of your extended family. Make a fort connected to a tunnel with small Christmas light to show the way. Make snow sculptures that represent Frosty the snowman, Rudolph, and Dasher.

Christmas lights outdoor

Build up a nativity scene near your biggest tree and decorate it profusely. Having a DIY mentality brings awesome challenges and an idea to make new exciting tree decorations. Have fun discovering new ingenious ways to celebrate Christmas by using the nature around you.

Amaze everyone with your outdoor and indoor capacity to bring magic in the most wonderful time of the year. Make sure that Santa cannot miss your house with awesome Christmas decorations.

4. Other ideas for Christmas tree decorations

Not everyone has the chance to get up in a winter wonderland. Even without snow, you can still make awesome decorations. If you're on the west coast, Australia, or anywhere else, use palm trees or any trees to decorate our house. Make a delicious pine tree looking cake to show your culinary skills to everyone.

Christmas cookies

Christmas is about being with your loved one and to share wherever you are in the world. Get to your nearest store and get a hold of tinsel and wrapping paper to make ornaments to whatever you think represents a Christmas tree for you.

You do you, you do what makes you happy and create the decorations that make you think of Christmas. Get some ideas from other holidays to make your tree international. Think about food ideas, game ideas, DIY projects that are gonna bring everyone together in the most awesome time of the year.

 Christmas nativity scene

Holiday decorating ideas are everywhere for fellow DIY'ers. Christmas is an awesome time to bring and use all that imagination to make the most awesome Family Christmas Tree.

It brings together people from all generations to share their ideas and knowledge to produce one awesome project, a DIY Christmas. The younger ones can have the ideas and older folks the knowledge and cleverness to make it happen.

It's a team-building exercise and represents what Christmas is all about, sharing. We all know sharing is caring, particularly during the holiday season. Bring environ on board to make Christmas ornaments, personalized stockings, awesome snow globes, and other brilliant DIY ideas.

Find the perfect tree to put in the living room for the 25th of December. Make awesome memories by spending quality time with your family that can be engraved in your decoration. Make the holidays special with DIY Family Christmas Tree ornaments, villages, sweets, and outdoor snow constructions.