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What's Korean Couple Rings signification?

What's Korean Couple Rings signification?

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There are plenty of ways you can show your love and affection. Matching your outfit is a good one. But if you want to be more subtle Korean Couple Rings are perfect for you. Made to signify that you are taken and to prove that your relationship is strong and full of happiness, it's a must for every couple to get there matching Korean couple ring.


The Ring to unite you

Rings have a huge representation in all cultures and civilizations. They represent the values, the colors, and the power of kings. But they also show your relationship status. In Korea, getting couple rings is a statement that is one of the stepping stones of all healthy relationships. Good relationships start by getting a ring on it.

1. What represents you? 

The ring that you chose to match your intimate romantic relationship represents who you are and what both of you represent for each other. It is much more than just the ring. It's what represents your relationship, your personalities, your values, and what brings you together.

It makes you emotionally attracted to your significant other since you have a part of you with you and honestly, everyone likes the nice and warm feeling of thinking of your beautiful partner at any given moment of the day. There are a lot of rings to choose from and you are sure to find the perfect match for your strong relationship. It's also a good way to prepare yourself for a marriage proposal knowing what kind of ring your spouse likes.

Couple happy matching Rings

Korean rings help committed relationships turn into fulfilling marriages. It's positive all around and should represent your personality and your couple without compromise. Think about what defines your relationship, what makes that particular person click with you. In your mind and in your heart.

What represents your person, your partner, and your relationship? Write all of this down to figure out how your ring should look like so that it tells a story.  

2. Showcase your trust

Trust is a cardinal thing to have in any relationship and any therapist or psychologist will tell you that if it's not there, infidelity, jealousy, and breakups and unhealthy behaviors are bound to happen. While wearing a ring it reminds you of the trust you and your partner have for each other, the love, the kindness.

It's communicating to everyone that you are taken and that you have an interpersonal contract to be happier physically, mentally, and have a sense of closeness to a particular person. It tells the world that your mind and heart are taken and that you are only open to friendships. It shows maturity and that you have a good relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Korean Couple Love

Having Matching Korean Couple Ring is a representation of trust, honesty, appreciation, and attachment to your lover. You will think of him or her every time you look at yourself in the mirror or take something in your hand. People will also surely have questions about your ring.

Showcase your maturity and your relationship advice by adding a Korean ring on your finger. It's a nice way to openly state that you have a supportive partner to share all your feelings with. It's a statement of trust

Your Ring, Your Style

Everyone has there way to be special, their qualities, their way of thinking, their way of being, etc etc. It can easily be matched with your partner by getting custom made Korean couple ring. Make the ring suit both of your personality and your couple be making it with your own style and making it unique.

Make it yours

Think about yourself, what you like, what describes you, get some help from a trusted friend if you need it. Think about your lover and do the same exercise. Get a sheet of paper your ideas and do a big brainstorming about what would your Korean Ring look like. Is it matching, or different but when placed together they assemble like a puzzle.

Matching Couples Merch

What material is it from, what color, what insignia, or writing is on it. Do you put your name or your personal couple cute surname? Make your Korean ring the most representative thing about your couple. Have the people around you ask questions and take a good look. Make it think about the story of your relationship and all the happy and challenging episode that has passed between you and your new relationship.

When you wear it. it basically chases loneliness away, boosts your self-esteem and it feels good. It's one of the really good relationship tips you can give to your attractive friends that have relationship problems and breakups. Make your ring represents what's important for you. Yourself, your lover, and your relationship and strive in life to make all your goals come true with the help of your special person.  

Different finger, different meaning

In Korea putting your ring on a finger has a lot of things to say. Kpop artist hands are scrutinized by the tabloid and huge amounts of fans to know more about there intimate life. It also represents your goal or something special for you. Let's make a list of those:

1. The Pinky

Couple holding by pinky finger

The pinky has a different connotation depending on which side you wear it but normally it's to give you luck. The left smallest finger represents a new opportunity, looking forward to a new goal or new objectives and using your ring to give you luck. The right Pinky has the meaning of pursuing a specific goal, it's a reminder to guide you in your path toward your best self.

2. The Thumb 

Thumb ring finger women

Having a ring on your thumb is a way to represent freedom. It represents a free spirit, and a way to go against the norm. Perfect to show your rebellious style. It also shows openness to others and that you would like to have a chat. It's a way to show that you are single and ready for new social interactions. Put a ring on that thumb and get chatty.

3. The Index

Index ring finger meaning

The index finger is used to portray friendship. It can have the meaning of two best friends or a way to show your appreciation. After love, friendship is one of the greatest sensations you can have. Wearing a ring on your index is specially made to show how good of a friend you are and how certain people are dear to you. 

4. The Middle

Middle Finger ring tenacity

The middle finger ring is used to show your tenacity. Those people who want to show they have strong work ethics and career-driven. Some folks use them for luck in their business, relationships, and overall life. Take all the luck you can get by wearing a personal Korean ring on your middle finger.

5. The Ring Finger

Couple matching rings

The ring finger is made for love. It's a classic everywhere in the world. Having one there means that you are taken and in a commitment with someone you hold dear in your heart. It's a social status recognition and a public statement. Wear it with pride. Korean rings are specially made for couples to show their affection for each other, get creative with your look, and have different rings for different occasions.

Couple of rings for every occasion 

Now that we know that your rings can have different meanings depending on what finger it is on, it's time to show yourself to the world.

1. Special Occasion or Mood

Get one for all your fingers depending on your mood and how you feel. Just don't wear one on your ring finger and thumb it may get the people confused. Wear one for your lover and your best friend. With there own particular differences. Get some for special occasions, special anniversaries. Get creative just like ties, dresses, cuff links.

2. Time to officialized your relation

Make them a part of your apparel while still having your commitments in mind. Make people question you about them, exchange some with your best friends, and of course, don't forget a special Korean ring for the gal that makes your heart pound and your soul feel light.

Korean Couple

It's perfect for personal goals, friendships, and love relationships. Wear some to make yourself and others happy while being stylish and showing your true self without any restraint. Every occasion no matter big or small is a bad occasion to bring out your Korean rings.

3. Follow your heart

Korean rings show your personality, your strength, and your values in a nice compact, and stylish way. Men and women share love and relationships by wearing rings for a long time but it can now be used to represent other emotions, values, and even goals. If you are a go-getter kind of person, wear a nice ring on your middle finger to remind you of who you are in a tough situation.

Couple engagement love

Use it also for luck. If friendship and pair bonding is important for you, get some matching ring for your team, family or crew. Be the leader of your group. Take also your first step toward a serious engagement by getting a couple of ring for you and your lover and make it a point to celebrate every breathing moment with that special person. If your single, send a clear message that you are ready to get serious with a like-minded person.

Korean rings are stylish, recognizable, and should be in everyone's apparel to show what is dear for you and where you stand in life. Match your person with your fingers, get Korean Rings.

Matching Couple Hoodies

🖇 What are Couple Rings? 

In the Korean culture, a ring is usually exchanged by both partners when the 100 days of a love relationship is met. It's a celebration of your union and is a way to say that you are taken. It's a nice way to celebrate new couples by making them think about there other half.

🇰🇷 Should I wear Korean Couple Rings?

Korean couple rings are a really nice way to symbolize the love you have for your significant other. It symbolizes true love and intimacy. It makes you fall in love and warms your heart every time you wear it. It's a subtle way to say I love you while bringing joy to both parties.

🧐 In 2020, who wears Korean Rings?

Happy couples all over the world have started to use the Korean trend of getting matching Korean rings for there relationship. It's a romantic way to experience real love and to be even more attracted to your partner by having something custom made or chosen for both of you.

💗 What represents Korean Matching Couple Rings?

It represents mutual attraction for each other and shows you the power of a healthy relationship. It represents your romantic love journey, what your values are, and what that special person means to you. it's one of the core bricks of a long term relationship. It represents what it is to love.