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TOP 15 : Best Couple  Vacations in the world

Top 15 Best Couple Vacations in the world

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You have found the ideal partner, the one who shares your passion for travel... great! But where are you going to go on your first trip as a couple? Traveling as a couple is exciting and fun. Whether you want to explore ancient sites and sprawling cities, party all night or just escape and bask on the beach, there's a whole world to discover.


Discover 15 perfect destination for that romantic trip you've been waiting for so long. Especially if you have been through a long distance relationship, and you are finally back together again !

European destination

The first trip as a couple is often double or nothing. Either it passes or it breaks. That's why we advise you on these destinations where the stress will not have any influence. How about the "old continent" trip?

15. For low budget couples - Brasov, Romania

One way to Brasov, please! Once you discover this romantic little town in Romania, you won't want to go home. Like in a fairy tale, the small cobbled streets meander past cafes and colorful shopfronts. Sit out on a terrace and take the opportunity to observe the city and soak it up. It will only cost you $2.

brasov city couple vacation romania

The most curious will venture 40 minutes drive away to dream in front of the walls of Bran Castle, better known as Dracula Castle. After passing by the Black Church, blackened by the flames of a huge blaze in 1689, take the Telecabina or climb to the top of the hill on foot to admire the view from Mount Tâmpa.

14. For lovers of good food - Istria, Croatia

The immensity of the heart is sometimes measured by the size of the stomach. Croatian Istria will seduce yours, with truffles and fresh fish, and that's just the beginning. Proud producers of Croatian olive oil, their liquid gold is what connects the Mediterranean to the mainland and influences dishes such as sauces with langoustines or mussels or hand-rolled pasta.

Istria croatia vacation couple

The turquoise waters and green landscapes will give you something to talk about until dessert, only if you still manage to talk while enjoying a delicious Croatian donut. Go to the market in the port of Rovinj to stock up on good things to take home, then set off to discover the Cathedral of St. Euphemia and its 60-meter bell tower. For the complete romantic package, buy a bottle of Istrian wine and take a ferry from Rovinj to Venice.

13. For the historical desire - Rome, Italia

Rome remains one of the most exciting cities in the world for tourists and is perfect for a stay in the city. There's the beautiful Vatican City to explore and to visit, the remains of Roman civilization, food to drop, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Rome Italy best couple trip

The nightlife is exciting and varied, and the city is brimming with romance with its fountains, architecture, and beautiful artwork and parks.

12. For a gay-friendly experience - Sitges, Spain

If you and your partner like to party, Sitges is waiting for you! This festive spot located 40 minutes' drive from Barcelona was once known for its artistic and bohemian influence.

sitges spain gay friendly couple vacation

Today, it is a sunny and proud destination that attracts LGBTQ communities from all over the world. When you're not at a pool party, you might be at one of the gay-friendly bars on Dos de Mayo street, or sunbathing on the beautiful nudist beach. There is a festival for every season, the Carnival in February, the Gay Pride in June, the Festa Mayor in August, and the film festival in October.

If music and endless parties are not your things, you might want to go during the low season. The sun shines all year round in Sitges, so you can go there in autumn or winter and take advantage of the deserted beaches for long walks along the seafront.

11. For Party - The Greek Islands, Greece

The Greek islands have something for every young couple, from fantastic party destinations where you can dive in pools to islands steeped in ancient ruins and beautiful towns and villages for excursions. You should definitely try the cruise to Santorini all inclusive tour.

greek island couple vacation

Wherever you go, you can find beautiful white sand beaches, wonderful food, warm weather, and diving into warm waters, making it a relaxing and romantic getaway.

American Continent Destination

10. For nature lovers - Big Sky, Montana, USA

If you dream of living the big adventure, Big Sky, Montana is the place to be. Just an hour's drive away, the vast landscapes of Yellowstone's West Park will impress, especially if you come across buffalo, sheep, wolves or even bears. Depending on the season, add a sled dog ride to your stay or go rafting in Gallatin Canyon.

couple vacation montana usa

As for lodging, choose either glamping in a luxury tent, or more picturesque accommodation, such as a lodge, ranch, or other hotel room near the Yellowstone. After a hike to Lone Mountain, grab a nice pair of boots at Carter's Boots in Bozeman before having a nice beer at the local bar.

9. For thrill-seekers - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you consider your partner more like a teammate, print your names on a green and yellow soccer jersey and take the next flight to Rio de Janeiro. Experts or beginners will get their dose of adrenaline, whether during a stand-up paddle session in the Barra Canal or during a hang-gliding descent from the Pedra Bonita mountain.

brazil rio de janeiro best couple vacation

The Copacabana beach is the perfect place to challenge your partner to a friendly match of beach volleyball without the right to use hands or to do some bouncing with the Cariocas on the outdoor equipment.

8. For couples with children - Saint Lucia

You may be adults and proud parents, yet still have retained your childlike spirit. The whole family will find happiness in Gros Islet. Young children will love the beaches, and they can also have fun at the children's clubs offered in the resorts of Saint Lucia.

saint lucia lovers vacation

Unless you prefer to go with your family to one of the adventure parks and zip-line through the trees. A snorkeling trip to Rodney Bay is a fun and educational way to discover the ocean floor. And while the kids are at their club, enjoy a relaxing romantic outing to the Sulphur Springs Park Spa or the Toraille Waterfall.

7. For beach lovers - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

The party was fabulous, the room is tidy and your suitcases are ready to accompany you for your honeymoon in Puerto Plata, one of the least touristy and yet heavenly beaches of the Dominican Republic. When you're done parading around in your hotel by the sea, maybe you'll visit the historic city or bubble up on the Playa Bergantín.

Dominican republic trip for couple

Tourism is still hesitant in this part of the country, but the locals will always welcome you in English and with a smile. Creole culture and Afro-Caribbean origins will punctuate your nights in the bars of the city. You won't be able to stop dancing. Take a break to sip a Mamajuana (a local rum-based cocktail, known to be an aphrodisiac) and go dancing again, or... in your hotel room!

6. For exclusive service - Barbados

Barbados is one of the most beautiful countries in the Caribbean and offers Caribbean luxury at its best. Reef, coral, lagoon, scuba diving, sailing, there are so many activities related to the seaside on this paradise.

Barbados beach couple vacation

There are many quiet and secluded beaches to enjoy, an atmosphere and culture like no other, and a relaxed atmosphere that is exactly what you need for a relaxing escape with your loved one. Our special advice: Try the National Park Farley Hill in the morning, and at night take a walk on the coastal side, priceless!

5. For American dreamer - Florida

Florida is one of the most popular family destinations in the world and is also suitable for young couples. The beaches along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts are breathtaking, while cities such as Miami offer a vibrant and dynamic place with an incredible nightlife.

florida street for trip couple

The Orlando area offers theme parks, perfect for more adventurous thrill-seekers. Florida is also a synonym of sunset, costa, beachfront, and the American dream. Perfect vacations combo! If you've been there once, please comment below about the state, we are curious to know about the cuisine, surf spot, and accommodations... 

Other Exotics' Destination: Africa, Asia, Pacifics Islands

4. For the first time - Fez, Morocco

Fez, in Morocco. Awaken your senses in Fes el Bali (or the Medina of Fez), the oldest fortified part of the city. The myriad of smells, the local handicrafts, and the friendliness of the people will amaze you to the utmost.

fez marocco medina couple destination

The scaffolding covering the decrepit buildings will soon be forgotten once you reach the Médersa Bou Inania, one of the few places of worship in Morocco accessible to non-Islamic visitors, founded in the 1350s and recently renovated.

It is at the Chouara Tannery that your senses will explode. The smell and bright colors of the dyes drying on the rooftops will be the most vivid memory you will have, the one that will forever remind you why you love Morocco so much.

3. For romantic souls - Seoul, South Korea

Do you love to take selfies from your wonderful couple? Seoul is the perfect destination for you. On the first day, join the other couples at the N Seoul Tower, the place to be for lovers. Hundreds of couples come here to take pictures of each other, either on one of the heart-shaped chairs or near the Padlocks of Love.

seoul romatic city for couple vacation

To say that Seoul is a romantic city is an understatement, especially if you go to Nami Island. Although only 60 km by road from Seoul, this island is a mixture of paradise and romance, with its rows of chestnut and poplar trees, all beautifully aligned to form the ideal background for the couple's photos. At the end of the day, head to the DIY Ring Café in Hongdae, where you can make your own souvenir jewelry.

2. For a dream trip - French Polynesia

If you fall into this category of people who do not have children and a comfortable income, chances are you are looking for the most beautiful destination, no matter what the price, when you plan your vacation. Put on your swimsuit and flip-flops and set sail for Bora Bora, a beautiful island in French Polynesia. Numerous luxury hotels and bungalows are waiting for you, lined up on the golden sand.

french polynesia couple luxury vacation

Bora Bora is surely at the top of the most romantic destinations in the world. You can picnic on beautiful beaches, swim among the colorful fish, enjoy vanilla mojitos, or succulent ahi tuna. And when you're done being pampered, perhaps you can take a helicopter flight over Mount Otemanu or take a trip to the Papeete market on a tour of the neighboring island of Tahiti.

1. For adventurous seekers - Cape Verde

Breaks for couples in Cape Verde will give you sunshine, subtropical weather, and beautiful warm waters on extensive sandy beaches. The islands have a beautiful landscape and a culture much less party-oriented than the Balearic Islands. Cape Verde offers a couple a real escape from reality and the perfect opportunity to indulge in luxury.

cape verde woman excursion couple

Cape Verde is a discreet vacation destination, however, you can find the finest reefs, cliffs, cruises, turtles spot, and ancient volcanic activity without crowds of all the famous of Caribbean Islands.

Renting accommodation is a great way to explore great destinations at low cost, with lots of luxury and privacy. There are hundreds of great destinations for young couples, but here we look at fifteen of our favorites, from remote exotic coastlines to short stays closer to home.